Book Reviews

This Allotment: stories of growing, eating and nurturing edited by Sarah Rigby

Hello Tiny World by Ben Newell

Buds and Blossoms by Liz Knight

Apples and Orchards since the Eighteenth Century by Joanna Crosby and Finding the Fox by Andreas Tjernshaugen

Anya Lautenbach - The Money Saving Gardener

Brilliant English Gardens by Clive Nichols and Venetian Gardens by Monty Don and Derry Moore

RHS Bridgewater by Phil McCann and Chatsworth: the gardens and the people who made them by Alan Titchmarsh

Hortus Curius by Michael Perry

Plants of the Qur'an by Shahina A. Ghazanfar and Sue Wickison

The Winter Garden by Naomi Slade

Foggy Bottom: a garden to share by Adrian Bloom 

Legends of the Leaf by Jane Perrone and The Garden Aviary by Gail Harland

The Seasoned Gardener by Liz Zorab and RHS Resilient Garden by Tom Massey

Not another jungle by Tony Le Britton

Rekha's Kitchen Garden by Rekha Mistry and Cockroaches and Crickets by Frank Nischk

Tough Plants for Tough Places by Sharon Amos and Why We Garden by Claire Masset

Zeals by Jennie Elia and Roman Gardens and Gardening by Mark Faulkner

Recycling in the Garden by Angela Youngman

Indoor Gardening by Jade Murray and Pots by Harriet Rycroft

No Dig by Charles Dowding

Country Houses of the Marches by John Kinross

The Regenerative Garden by Stephanie Rose and A History of Herbalism by Emma Kay

What to sow, grow and do by Benjamin Pope and Sustainable Garden by Marian Boswall

Shade by Susanna Grant and Cut Flowers by Celestina Robinson

Attracting Garden Pollinators by Jean Vernon

The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi by Keith Siefert

A Garden Well Placed, the story of Helmingham and Other Gardens by Xa Tollemache

The Sussex Surrealist by Christiane Berridge

The Little Book of Crops in Small Spots by Jane Moore

The Crevice Garden by Kenton Seth and Paul Spriggs

The Creative Gardener by Adam Frost

RHS Nature: A Magical Journey Through the Year by Sara Conway and RHS My Magical Journey Activity Book by Emily Hibbs

A Guide to Medieval Gardens by Michael Brown

A Year In the Woods by Torbjorn Ekelund, Taming Fruit by Bernd Brunner and An Introduction to Rag Rugs by Jenni Stuart-Anderson

Gardens Under Big Skies by Noel Kingsbury and Maayke de Ridde, A Year Unfolding by Angela Harding and Beth Chatto’s Green Tapestry Revisted by Beth Chatto and Julia Boulton 

The View from Federal Twist by James Golden

Folk Tales from the Garden by Donald Smith and Pure Style in the Garden by Jane Cumberbatch

The Real JRR Tolkien by Jesse Xander and Stan Lee: How Marvel Changed the World by Adrian Mackinder

The Joy of Gardening by Ellen Mary and Dear Friend and Gardener by Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto

The Druid Garden by Luke Eastwood and Plant Magic by Greogry J Kenicer 

Great British Gardeners by Vanessa Berridge and The Magic of Terry Pratchett by Marc Burrows 

The Windowsill Gardner by Liz Marvin and Gardening to Eat by Becky Dickinson

Potted History - how houseplants took over our homes by Catherine Horwood 

American Gardens by Monty Don and Derry Moore

Rewild Your Garden by Frances Tophill 

Planting for Butterflies by Jane Moore

Rhubarb Rhubarb by Mary Jane Paterson and Jo Thompson

The Diary of a Modern Country Gardener by Tamsin Westhorpe

Three books to get you out into the garden

How to get kids gardening with the Skinny Jean Gardener by Lee Connelly

The Gardener's Travel Guide to England by Janelle McCulloch

Wild About Weeds, Garden Design with Rebel Plants by Jack Wallington

Three books on nature and wildlife

We made a Wildflower Meadow by Yvette Verner

Dances with Bees by Brigit Strawbridge Howard

Veg in one bed by Huw Richards

The Climate Change Garden by Sally Morgan and Kim Stoddart

Royal Horticultural Society Propagating Plants, editor in chief: Alan Toogood

How to Create Your Garden by Adam Frost

Kiftsgate Court Gardens by Vanessa Berridge

Garden Wildlife and Indoor Wildlife by Gerard E Cheshire

The Super Organic Gardener by Matthew Appleby

The Green Conspiracy Garden Planner

Death in the Garden by Michael Brown and The Almanac (2019) Lia Leendertz

Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums by Judy Barker

Japanese Knotweed, unearthing the truth by Nicholas Seal

Island Gardens: havens of beauty around the British Isles by Jackie Bennett

The Plant Listener by Julie Kirkpatrick

From Blenheim to Chartwell by Stefan Buczacki

Shades of Green, my life as the National Trust's Head of Gardens

Revive your garden by Nick Bailey

Earth to Earth by Stefan Buczacki

RHS How to Garden and I can grow a Sunflower

Wild Mocktails and Healthy Cocktails by Lottie Muir

The Secret Gardeners by Victoria Summerley

The Wildlife Gardener by Kate Bradbury

Down to Earth by Monty Don

The Almanac (2018) by Lia Leendertz

Secret Gardens of East Anglia by Barbara Segall

Letters to a Bee-Keeper by Steve Benbow and Alys Fowler

Vegetable Growing, a money saving guide by Jonathan Stevens

The Jam Maker's Garden by Holly Farrell

Urban Flowers by Carolyn Dunster

The Deckchair Gardener by Anne Wareham

Good Soil by Tina Raman, Ewa-Marie Rundquist & Justine Lagache

The Gardeners Companion to Medicinal Plants

She Sheds, a room of your own by Erika Kotite

Thenford by Michael and Anne Heseltine

Landscape of Dreams, the gardens of Isabel and Julian Bannerman by Isabel and Julian Bannerman

Build a better vegetable garden by Joyce Russell

RHS A-Z of Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

new small garden by Noel Kingsbury

Charleston Farmhouse 1981 by Kim Marsland

Raised Bed Revolution by Tara Nolan

All the Presidents' Gardens by Marta McDowell

Luciano Giubbilei, the art of making gardens by Luciano Giubbilei

Rakes Progress

Moving Heaven and Earth: Capability Brown's Gift of Landscape by Steffie Sheilds

Gardens of the Italian Lakes by Steven Desmond

The New Wild Garden: Natural Style Planting and Practicalities by Ian Hodgson

A history of kitchen gardening by Susan Campbell

Living on one acre or Less by Sally Morgan

The Half Hour Allotment by Lia Leendertz

Terraniums: Gardens under Glass by Maria Colletti

The Private Gardens of England by Tanya Compton

The Gardens of Arne Maynard by Rosie Atkins and Arne Maynard

Oxford College Gardens by Tim Richardson

Paradise Gardens by Toby Musgrave

The Irish Garden by Jane Powers

Outwitting Squirrels by Anne Wareham