Book Review - How to get kids gardening with the Skinny Jean Gardener by Lee Connelly

I was recently invited to attend the book launch of this great new book from Lee Connelly AKA the Skinny Jean Gardener.  I was delighted to attend the book launch and liked the book so much I bought a copy.  I was not asked to buy a copy, I have not been asked to write this review; I wanted to do so.
 Lee has his own podcast and has gardened on Blue Peter.  Lee is on a mission to get children and families gardening and this book is a good way of introducing adults and children alike to the joys of gardening.  The strapline at the bottom of the cover says "creating real memories gardening as a family", which when you think about it is a beautiful as well as worthy aim.

Lee explains things well in the book: including why he is the 'Skinny Jean' gardener, to what sort of compost to use and which seeds to buy.  Whilst Lee is clearly a man on a mission, he is also practical and pragmatic in the advice he gives.  One of Lee's top tips is to grow what you eat.  This sounds obvious, but I have grown things in the past because they are easy to grow not because I like them.  You will grow things better and actually eat them if you like them and this is the same for children as well as adults.

The book breaks down the projects into easy steps which include nice clear instructions and good photographs.
Not all the projects are about planting: there is a project to make 'spoon markers' so you know what you have sown, and a project to make a bird feeder and bug hotel and many other outdoor projects that might encourage you and your child to be active and creative outdoors.  Did I mention the advice was pragmatic?  One of the projects is to make an outdoor music area and Lee advises keeping the neighbours happy by time-limiting such music.  Wise man.
I genuinely love this book.  It is perfect for encouraging adults and children to get outside and enjoy their surroundings.  I cannot decide if it is for adults to encourage children to get growing or vice-versa, it works either way.
I have to congratulate Lee on this book.  I am sure that his daughter Olive will grow up to be proud of being involved in its creation.  If you have a young family or know someone who has one, this is the book you need.

How to get kids gardening with the Skinny Jean Gardener is published by Jajaja books and is available from the usual places that sell books.