Book Review - Veg in one bed by Huw Richards

Lots of people want to grow vegetables but have not got the space in their own gardens or the time/commitment for an allotment.  This new book from Huw Richards gives us advice on how to grow vegetables in a limited amount of space: in just one raised bed.  I have not paid for this book and I am not being paid to write this review.  My words and opinions are my own.
As said above, Huw bases his book on growing vegetables in one raised bed, 4ft by 10ft and a depth of 1ft.   He explains that this is the 'ideal size', but you could go smaller if that is too large for the space you have available.  Huw says that raised beds are ideal as they are easier with work with and easier to keep weeded; they also warm up faster than if they are just in the ground.  If you are in rented accommodation they are easier to move if you need to relocate.  Huw explains the tools you will need and also how to construct your own raised bed.
The book is wonderfully practical.  I love the sections on windowsill growing.  I currently am lucky to have a greenhouse, but for many years every windowsill in my house was the seed-raising location for my garden.  How to sow the different seeds is explained carefully with good illustrative photographs.  You are taken through month by month what you need to sow, do something with and harvest.
Clear plans show you how to use the raised bed effectively.
and I loved the 'best/worst/watch out for' preface to each month.

There are what I would term the standard, most people grow, vegetables covered and then there are also the more unusual including some I have never heard of, Tatsoi is a new one for me.

This book is comprehensive in its advice from sowing to watering to harvesting.  You are warned of the pests to look out for and how to deal with them organically.  This is an excellent book for a beginner or someone who just needs a bit of inspiration.  I can happily recommend it.

Veg in one bed by Huw Richards is published by DK Books and retails for around £14.99 or less.