The Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt - Discoveries Day 5

Here we are balanced on the half-way mark of this treasure hunt.  I am really enjoying seeing all the treasures that have been found and immensely grateful to everyone who is taking part.  So, where to start today......

This magnificent laburnum tree was shared by Vicky Thornton on Twitter., beautifully set against a deep blue sky.  A perfect treasure.
Walnut Kitchen Garden shared this double (or is it triple?) whammy of treasure: blue sky and kniphofia - to be treasured individually and as a combination.  How wonderful is this?

Jane Davies shared these Jan Reus and Viridichic tulips observing how morning and evening light makes them gems.  I can only concur.

Jane also shared this treasured Euphorbia polychroma - what a stunner!

Nigel Owen shared these blackberry leaves.  Well I am always going to love a blackberry leaf, this is a treasure I have a lot of.  
The Homecraft Gardener shared this 'little treasure', a snowball tree.  A wondrous treasure indeed.
Catherine Hughes shared this treasure of a mini pond.  I am big fan of mini ponds (or a mini fan of mini ponds?)  I cannot decide which bit of this I love the most, the plants, windmill or owl?  I am just going to say all of it!
The wonderful RosesUk, who in herself is a treasure-trove of the most beautiful rose photos and information, has chosen this Geranium macrorrhizum as her treasure today which she says 'after a scruffy winter perks up beautifully', this sounds like a life-aim I should embrace.
RosesUK also shared this Brunnera macrophilla, a joy of a treasure.
Kate Nosh shared this Tulip 'Black Hero', look at it - just look at it!  It is a tulip definitely to treasure.

Sarah Barker's treasure today is this gorgeous jar that is being used as a propagator.  Sarah saythe contents are "..Aloe polyphylla seedlings. The seeds germinate in water until a shoot appears. They then get planted into compost. They are so tiny and a gorgeous emerald green." Treasure within treasure!
At Home with Sal's treasure today is this bejewelled meadown and thunderous clouds.  What an amazing scene to treasure.
Archie the Wonderdog shared this bee and cornflower moment as their treasure today.  So pretty, I love the blue of these cornflowers which is one of those allegedly easy plants I always seem to struggle with.
Jackie's treasure today are the frogs in her pond.  What a fantastic treasure.  They look a bit furtive I have to say!

Ruth Hecht decided that her garden was her treasure and I can only agree.  It is so beautiful.

and here be dragons!!  Erica Laine shared this beautiful dragon pot and fern has her treasure for the day.  So delightful.

Over on instagram Barbara Segall shared this treasure that is sight and scent, this wonderful lilac tree.  I badly pruned mine last year so have no flowers - such a fail on my part so I treasure this 'borrowed' lilac even more.

Marysa Norris shared this little mouse plant, Arisarum proboscidium  which she says appears every year in a corner of her woodland garden and I almost missed seeing them this year.  A very good treasure to find.
Judith_plumduff has chosen this sweet woodruff as her treasure today.  Judith says: it is her favourite ground cover plant for dry shade. "Bright green spirals of foliage topped by a froth of tine white flowers at this time of year. Creeps about happily but easy to remove where you don’t want it. I started my carpet with two 3inch pots many years ago"  Truly a worthy plant to treasure.
Plantnews chose the budgs on her Itoh peony as her treasure today.  It had looked like the peony was not going to flower this year, but it turns out it was just late.  Peonies are divas at the best of times.

This view from the bottom of Karen Gimson's garden towards Bunny Woods is her treasure today and I am certain a treasure every day.  What a wonderful view to have so close by.  Karen says the scent of the May blossom reminds her of Johnson's Baby Powder: now there is a scent that takes me right back....

This is my treasure for the day.  Often called a weed, I dig out a lot but there are always plenty more where they came from.  A dandelion clock reminds me of childhood, of blowing the weeds to watch them fly and of being told off for spreading their seeds.  Not that that ever stopped me.  Happy days.

Stay safe and be kind 

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