The Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt - Discoveries Day 6

Day six is with us and the treasure hunt has unearthed more amazing treasures.  What a joy this event is for me.  I love seeing what people are sharing as their treasure for the day.

Today we start over on instagram where Siobhan Lancaster has been promised seeds of this cerinthe that grows in her neighbour's garden.  What an amazing deep colour it is, a definite jewel.
Felixlovesfabric shared this purple and blue combination that they also love in fabric and rightly so.  These poppies, cornflowers and forget me nots weave so well together.
Barbara Segall shared these wonderful variagated basil plants 'Basil Pesto'.  As beautiful as they are tasty I am sure.  A good treasure to share.
There are moments when I am not so certain if this is a treasure hunt or a way for me to compile a shopping list of must-have plants.  This plant has just gone on the list.  Marysa Norris shared this wonderful treasure and says:  This lovely leaf belongs to Filipendula 'Red Umbrellas'. I love this time of year when the emerging foliage is so fresh and vibrant. Flowers are lovely but foliage offers some real garden treasures too.  Much nicer than the half eaten baby rabbit that my cat left for me to find on the doorstep. I think it was meant as a gift or maybe it was a warning."  My cats leave similar warnings for me.....

Meanwhile on Twitter....
Walnut Kitchen Garden chose these baby 'Louise Bonne of Jersey' pears.  Worthy treasure for the name alone and of course the promise of future fruit.
Joanna at Plants@Work shared this handful of treasures.  Proof that treasure comes in all shapes and sizes.
Grainne Jackson shared this wonderful bowl of treasure which looks after itself and has been planted up for three years now.  Plants that just behave so well are such a treasure.
Mary shared this plant determined to join in a barbeque as her treasure.  I think it fair to say the plant got its wish.  A good treasure to find.
Sarah Barker shared this treasure trove of alpines made extra special as soon they will be flowering and were originally found in that well know location for treasure bargains, the 'dead and dying' shelf two years ago.
The Homecraft Gardener found this treasure of a tulip in amongst the forget me nots.  This is not a tulip to forget!
Archie the Wonderdog's treasure today is the self-seeded knautia that has grown several inches over the last few days.  Self seeded plants are often wonderful treasures, they pop up in better locations than I would think to plant them.
How about this for a treasure?  Annie cj shared this Sinningia which she says is a real treasure from Broadleigh Gardens which will be lemony scented and gorgeous.  That sounds like an irresistible plant to me.
My treasure for the day is this quincelet, a quinceling, the first sign that after the blossom there is the potential for a quince.  Treasure beyond all treasures!

If you want to join in the treasure hunt is taking place until May 23rd.  Use the hashtags #blackberrygardentreasurehunt and #chelseafringe so that we can all see each other’s treasures. 

Stay safe and be kind 

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