The Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt - Discoveries Day 4

Here we are at day 4 of the Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt and so much treasure is being found.  We are nearly half-way through already!  Today we start over on Twitter where the following treasures have been shared:

Jackie shared this beautiful little bee as her treasure.
and Els Trovo shared this handful of sparkly treasures.

Bell shared this pretty little butterfly treasure.  They are just so fragile and delicate, definitely something to treasure.
Sarah Barker shared this pre-strawberry that is destined to end up in porridge.  It is treasure now and future treasure - a real win-win.
The Homecraft Gardener shared this beautiful unfurling fern.  I have a real thing about ferns these days.  I never used to understand why people liked them but now the structure of them and their grace now bowls me over.

The Cynical Gardener has shared four treasures today.  The eucomis seedling grown from seed shared through the Hardy Plant Society (a great source of seeds collected by their members from their gardens).  Next there are lupin seeds germinating, I love a lupin, they remind me of gardens of my childhood.  Then there is an opening allium.  Got to love an allium flower: so colourful and pollinators love them.  The final treasure from Ms Cynical is apparently a native pinguicula.  I have no idea what this plant is and vaguely suspect it is where penguins come from.....  All four are worthy treasures.
Derrienne shared this lamium purpureum.  Look how the flowers shine!
and Saedian shared this vase full of treasures grown from left over odds and ends from some of their bespoke seed range.  So so beautiful.
Archie the Wonder Dog - home to the daily 'where's Archie' game in which I most usually just cannot find Archie, shared these twinkling treasured raindrops on Alchemilla mollis. 
Mrs R's Garden's treasure is this little patch of violets at the bottom of the garden.  Proper treasure!

Over on instagram:
Siobhan Lancaster shared this wonderful tulip Belle Epoche.  A tulip well worth banging on about and treasuring.
Karen Gimson's treasure is the reflection of a ruined church in this sculpture in a garden she designed and still maintains.  How beautiful is this!
weedsrootsleaves shared this perfect iris.   A treasure that is surviving the recent downpours of rain.

What treasures can you find in your garden/growing space?  Please join in and use the hashtags #blackberrygardentreasurehunt and #chesleafringe so that I can find your treasures and share the joy on the blog.


  1. What a wonderful day of treasures! Thank you for including mine and mentioning the finding game! And thank you for running this x


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