The Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt - Discoveries Day 3

Day three of the Great Blackberry Treasure Hunt, a Chelsea Fringe event I am hosting to encourage us to seek out the treasures in our gardens and growing spaces has led to some wonderful treasures being shared.

On instagram Barbara Segall shared this Cornus kousa ‘Celestial Shadow’ "...offering its fresh greeny-yallery look".

Whilst over on Twitter The Homecraft Gardener shared this "long forgotten fairy face" to which I can only say: don't blink!

Sarah Barker shared this new foliage on her ginkgo bilbao tree: "so fresh, so green, so lush" Sarah rightly observes.
and up there in that Edinburgh, Jackie sent these jewels from her front garden.  Fabulous or what!
and down in the fernery, here is Penn Allen's first epimedium in flower.  Such a pretty flower and a worthy treasure.

My treasure of the day is this beautifully coiled cyclamen coum seed pod, just waiting to be released.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part today, it has been great fun.  I wonder what treasures will be found tomorrow?

Stay safe and be kind 

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