The Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt - its a wrap!

I want to thank everyone who had taken part in this Chelsea Fringe Festival event over the last nine days. What a journey it has been.

Some amazing treasures have been found.  I decided I would pick some treasures from each day to share, not as 'winners' as this is not a competition, but just the ones that maybe caught my eye.

On day one we had these tropical secret seeds germinating for the Cynical Gardener.  We like secret seeds.
Day 2 found us Paul Steer's treasure: this little cast iron pagoda, an intriguing treasure indeed.
Day three and we had a handful of treasures from Jackie 
and  The Homecraft Gardener  got a bit spooky with this treasure.
Whereas on Day 4 Karen Gimson shared this reflection in a sculpture in a garden she has designed.  
Day 5 and Erica Laine shared this beautiful dragon pot with a fern in it.  Here be dragons!

Day 6 and Barbara Segall shared this variegated basil 'Pesto' (which I wonder if is a little like calling a lamb 'mint sauce'....  Very beautiful and I imagine wonderfully tasty too, the basil, not the lamb, well actually the lamb too....
Day 7 is Archie the Wonderdog's bee and aqilegia moment.
Day 7 also saw this worm being treasure for 
Walnut Kitchen Garden.  A good treasure to share.

Day 8 brought us treasure that was pure gold
from  Weeds Roots and Leaves - glorious or what!
and Marysa Norris shared this treasure: Pelagonium acetosum, which might have gone straight onto my shopping list.
and as I have a bit of thing about tree peonies, this beauty caught my eye that was shared by Sarah Barker.  Just stunning in colour and apparently with a 'turkish delight' scent - win win!

When I first decided to propose this event to the Chelsea Fringe Festival I had hoped it would catch people's imagination and I hoped it would be fun.  It has turned out to be bigger than the sum of its parts.  I have loved seeing what people have shared as their treasures.  We have had worms, snails and spiders.  We have had castles and roses and sparkles of rain drops.  Our treasures are as diverse and as beautiful as our imaginations.  I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part.  I am genuinely grateful.


  1. It’s been a proper pleasure from (my late) start to finish - thank you!

  2. Yes, very pleasing. Well done for hosting it 👏👏


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