The Great Blackberry Garden Treasure Hunt - Discoveries Day 8

Gosh, we are at Day 8 of this treasure hunt which means only one more day to go.  May 23rd is the last day of the event. Of course we can and will all keeping finding treasure in our gardens/outdoor spaces when this event is finished for this year.  (for this year I hear you ask? does that mean........ I could not possibly comment....)

The day began on Twitter with this glorious Allium 'Mount Everest' shared by Walnut Kitchen Garden A bright treasure on these dull days indeed.
Val Bradley shared this clematis which is a treasure just starting to flower in her new garden.  New gardens are a wonderful treasure-trove as there is so much to wait and see what appears (and then decide to dig it up or not.)
There has not been a lot of veg shared and so I was pleased that Penelope Faith shared this one as a treasure.  This broccoli just starting to appear and is indeed a wonderful treasure.  I always think broccoli is a well-behaved vegetable to grow and nothing tastes as good as the home-grown ones.
Vicky Thornton shared this incredible blue cynoglossum as her treasure, what a great treasure it is.
Bruce Taylor chose this photinia to be his treasure today as he thinks it looks absolutely gorgeous.  I can only agree.  Excellent treasure.
Sarah Barker's treasure today is this acer, name now lost, but is the first plant they bought and is over 34 years old.  This is precious treasure indeed.  
This rhododendron. Flowers for about 6 weeks a year. It was the first plant Prune and Tidy saw when they bought the house 23 years ago through loads of overgrown ivy & has flowers every May since. Another very special treasure indeed.
Archie the Wonderdog shared this white geranium that started out as a cutting from their mother's house and now has been shared back to their mother as the original plant has been lost.  I love treasures like this.  It has to be a special treasure that is shared between family and friends.
Margaret shared this double treasure.  A treasure hidden in a treasure.  Holly the cat thinks it is invisible in the Myrrhis odorata or Sweet Cicely.  A classic case of 'if I can't see you, you can't see me'. 
RosesUK shared this amazing treasure of a tulip: Flaming Spring Green.  Isn't it wonderful?
This saxifrage, shared by Maggie W as her treasure, is that special treasure of the plant that pretends to be dead but turns out it is ok after all.  Always a lovely moment.
Maggie also shared these tree lilies that have survived the recent gales.  The weather has been challenging to say the least this year!  Gales and cold nights in May are not something to treasure but the tree lilies getting through them is.
EMC_Maine shared this beautiful treasure of a violet.  A perfect example of enjoy the little things.
The Cynical Gardener shared this aquilegia Clementine Salmon Rose that she first saw at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2014.  Gosh I am missing not being at Chelsea this week and whilst the virtual show is better than nothing I am looking forward to September hugely.
The Cynical Gardener also shared this quince blossom as a treasure.  We both watch our quinces in the hope of fruit so I wish her every success of treasure to come.
and this is the Cynical Gardener's tree fern.  This is such a treasure as it was a rescue plant and it is not dead.  New life unfurling from a tree fern is a wonderful thing.
Over on instagram we started with this find of pure gold!  This iris was shared by Weeds Roots and Leaves and was found in the Tudor Walled Garden at Osterley Park and House.  What a find!
Marysa Norris shared this treasure: Pelagonium acetosum - what a beauty!  This is definitely going on the shopping list.
This incredible Tulip 'Ballerina' was shared as treasure by Siobhan Lancaster.  A treasure indeed sparkling from the recent rain and looking not battered by the constant breeze.
Karen Gimson shared this amazing peony as a treasure from her recent visit to Belvoir Castle, which is in itself a local treasure.  
This Michaelia tree was shared by Barbara Segall as her treasure today.  Apparently it has well-mannered buds and has been flowering for weeks.  I do not know this tree but I think I will have to get acquainted with it.  (adds to shopping list....)
Marysa Norris also shared this  Lonicera × heckrottii 'Gold Flame' a semi-evergreen variety that she says doesn’t have twining stems so has to be tied in and is a job she often forgets to do until she is suddenly alerted by the glorious scent, by which time it’s flopping all over the front of the cottage. It has a relatively long flowering season and combines beautifully with Rosa Gloire de Dijon which also is one that needs tying in.  I share with Marysa the sometimes tardiness to do these things.  This is a great treasure of colour, scent and flowering companions.
and my treasure today was my walk.  The first walk I have managed to go on this week and the rain even held off long enough until I got home.  This is one of my favourite routes, it is a surprising bit of green close to the ringroad and motorway.  The sounds of traffic can be heard but it doesn't matter.  This is a special place and a real treasure.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part today, it has been great fun.  I wonder what treasures will be found tomorrow?  May 23rd is the final day of this event.  Use the hashtags #blackberrygardentreasurehunt and #chelseafringe to join in.