Treefollowing September 2019 - the solitary quince

We have reached September in the tree following year and is my habit,  I go and stand in front of the quince trees Major and Minor, to see how they are progressing.
High up in Quince Major's branches is the lonesome quince, the sole survivor of this year's potential quince harvest.  I wave at it from the ground an make encouraging comments about plumping up.  Whilst I am sorry that last year's record harvest of seven quinces has not been matched or exceeded, I am happy that I have a quince rather than none.
Quince Major is also enjoying rather a healthy growth spurt this year.   Shoots of 30-40 cm of growth are reaching for the sky.

Quince Minor on the other hand,
is bereft of quinces but is looking far more healthy than in previous years.
It has just started to get a little blotchy in one area but compared to previous years this is a major improvement and bodes well for next year.  A bit of blotchyness in autumn is allowable I think.
Maybe quince trees are a bit like apples trees, a good year and a not so good year.  Maybe next year Quince Major will exceed the seven quince target?  Time will of course tell.

A forest of followed trees can be found hosted in the hands of Squirrelbasket.


  1. Every season in every year is different...
    Hope the solitary one hangs on in there.
    All the best :)


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