Tree-following -September 2018

Here we are in September and its time for the Quince Count, which is a source of great joy for me.

Let us begin:

1 quince

2 quince
3, 4, 5, 6 quince (trust me, there are four here)

7 quince
isn't number 7 rather a nice shape?

oh happy sigh....
my quince tree over-floweth, well maybe not over-floweth but seven is a pretty amazing number after all these years of waiting.  I think I may be not being too presumptuous to be considering jelly recipes.  Can you make jelly from seven quinces?  I will let you know.

Hang on a minute you say, where is Quince minor?

Blotchy-McBlotch Face?  Quince minor is fine, still in situ.  He's been reprieved until next year but if the blotchiness returns then I cannot guarantee mercy.

There is a forest of followed trees over on Squirrelbasket's blog.