The growing Peperomia obsession....

It started back in February when I became a little obsessed with Peperomia.  I might not have mentioned them recently, but that does not mean that I am less in love with them, quite the contrary in fact.  I have been very good and I have not bought any new ones recently.  This might, of course, be because I have not seen a new variety recently.....
and life is not all about the new, it is about enjoying what you have.  This Peperomia clusifolia Red Margin has been developing into a very fine plant.  I love the new growth and it is growing well.  In the background you can see the jade coloured peperomia behind, (name unknown), this one is very slow growing but seems happy enough.  I am very careful in how I water them waiting until the compost feels quite dry and then giving them a good water.  I feed them quite regularly this time of year as well.
I have repotted the Pilea  peperomioides  and it is now producing little baby pileas.  This plant reproduces quite freely and the joy of such plants is that I will be able to share them with others.  I love generous plants.
The leaves are getting quite large now as well.
The Peperomia argyreia, the Watermelon Peperomia, has been growing well.  It is also quite slow in getting going but it is healthy and makes me happy.  I love the red stems to the leaves.
 The leaves are a little smaller at the moment than the Pilea above and a little longer rather than rounder in shape.  
But, hold the front page!  The Peperomia polybotrya 'Raindrop' might just be the most favourite of these plants.  Look at the shiny wonderfully glossy leaves.
The biggest  leaves really are the size of my hand.  It is a stunning plant.  I have repotted this one as well and it has responded by growing even larger.  I am loving watching this plant develop.  One of the great things about buying young small plants is seeing them develop into their full potential.  

I said above I have not bought any new peperomia recently......
but I have successfully propagated from leaf cuttings.  I regard leaf cuttings as a special sort of magic.  All propagation is magic, that special moment when the seed first cracks open, when the first roots appear on a cutting; but leaf cuttings are super-special.
When I received the polybotria and the argyreia a leaf or two had dropped off in transit.  Rather than throwing them away I decided to have a go at seeing if leaf cuttings would work.
Well they have, wonderfully so.  I am very excited by this, they are my babies and I coo to them every day.

and the water melon....
..... is coming a long a treat.


  1. First picture, your jade coloured Peperomia in the background is Peperomia incana. The felted Peperomia. 🙂


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