End of Month Review February 2024

We have an extra day this leap-year February, it feels like it might just be the opportunity for an extra day of rain!  The garden is muddy mcmuddy, but we have had a couple of almost dry days recently so it feels like it might be more workable soon.

In the driveway the Mahonia is flowering nicely.  This shrub was planted in 2015 after I went on a tour of Coronation Street and admired the one in Sally Webster's garden.  It was definitely a good choice of plant.
The tree peony by the front gate seems to be quite light on buds this year, this is a shame and I hope that they develop soon.
The magnolia buds are keeping their hats on for the moment as more frost is due.
The lilac by the front door is sprouting into life.  The question is, have I pruned it at the wrong time again so that I get virtually no flowers?  Time will tell....
In the Smell me and Dye garden the madder is starting to re-emerge.  This is a huge relief as I was not sure if it would make it through the winter.  It needs to grow for at least another two years before the roots will be big enough to make dye with, so it is a project of patience.
One of the Rheum (ornamental rhubarb) plants is emerging well, they always spark into life early and always emerge very beautifully.  I say 'they' the other one is a little behind, it is struggling and I was surprised to see it start to emerge this year as I thought it too weak to get through another winter.  I think I will divide it and see if that perks it up.
In the Courtyard Garden the bonsai trees are generally starting to show signs of life.  A couple seem a bit quiet yet, but there is still time.
The baby tree ferns that come indoors for the winter have been booted outside to get some rain and to start to think about growing.  I will rush them back undercover if we have a serious frost.  There are tiny knuckles forming, I think they will soon be on the move.
Camellia Debbie, who sulked for a year after being transplanted from her pot she had grown in for several years, is covered in buds.  I am very excited about this.
and there is an injection of blue into the garden from the pulmonarias.
The Salix Mount Aso is moving from its pink stage to its pollen stage, always popular with bees.
The Cercis siliquastrum 'Lavender Twist' is budding up, this is very exciting.
Daphne Jacqueline Postill is perfuming the garden and adding a dash of pink.
The Iford Cherry is moments, just moments, from blossoming.
and I always love the moment the red sparks of flower appear on the contorted hazel.
The snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis in the Wild Garden are developing their seed heads.  
and the daffs are coming up (hurrah).
A few daffs had got broken off, which I assume was by the cats charging through them.  So the Birdy Vase was happy to oblige keeping them alive a bit longer.
Esme keeps me company and helps me inspect the garden.
The sedums create a rhythm of colour along the long Pond Border.
It is not surprising that the pond is very full, very full.  We have had so much rain this winter it has not been low at all, yet I know in the summer I will be worrying about the level going down.  At this moment the pond is waiting for the frogs to arrive, hopefully it will not be long before the frogspawn appears which is always a very exciting time.

Take care and be kind.

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  1. So many plants blooming, growing, and thriving. Thanks for sharing your end of month review. :)


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