The lost rose

It is not that I forgot that I had this rose, but in truth I had lost track of it.

Of course I knew where I had planted it, but it went into hiding.  I think she is very shy.

Rewind - let me start at the beginning (which is a very good place to start).

Way way back, ten years ago when the garden (and I) was younger than we are today; I was sent some plants to trial and one of these plants was Rosa Millie, also known as Rosa 'Mum in a Million'.  She was a good rose and whilst it was October when she finally flowered I was happy with her.

She grew well for a few years but then she sort of disappeared.  I knew where she was, I carefully planted around her.  She must have stopped flowering or something as after a while I realised that I had not seen her flower lately.  I decided she must have died and that the planting around her had just filled in the gap.

Time passes.

Then suddenly, the other day, there she was, flowering, looking happy, popping out from between some plants.

I made sure I deadheaded her when the flower had finished to encourage her to flower again.

I have declared her the lost rose, gone but now returned.  I wonder if she will do me a favour and flower again soon.

Take care and be kind.

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