A delivery of plants

In terms of enjoyment, second only to going out to buy plants is receiving a delivery of plants.  I love going to nurseries and plant fairs to buy plants and I also like to buy online from nurseries that I trust.

The doorbell rang the other night and it was a delivery from Plantify.co. uk  I shall be upfront and say that I have not bought these plants.  They have asked me to trial them for them and I was very happy to do this as the other plants they sent me were of very good quality so this hardly felt like a risk.

So they arrived in a large box, which inside has three more boxes.  I was quite a fan of this system from the last set of plants I received from them and it still seems like a good effective packing method to me as the plants were in good condition inside.
The first job was to get them unpacked and into a place where they might get some light before I was able to plant them out the next day.
So, what did I choose:  Well:
Rosa Millie, I shall call it Rosa Millie as that is what it says on the box, on the label it is called Rosa 'Mum in a million' and it appears it is equally correct to use either name.
The next plant is Helleborus x hybridus 'Red Lady'
and finally Peony 'Bowl of Beauty'.  Now of course the peony is still dormant, but it is always a challenge receiving what appears to be a dead plant in a pot.  I am used to buying bare root plants so it does not phase me to receive a pot like this but it is hard not feel a little underwhelmed by it.  The good news is that when I planted the peony it does have a strong healthy root system that was clearly starting to show signs of life.  I shall report back on its progress.

I planted the rose and the peony in the pond border and the hellebore has been planted in the woodland border.  I currently only have hellebore seedlings in the woodland border so it was nice to have one that might actually flower this decade in there.  I have many roses in the pond border but the rose filled a good space and I have labelled it so I do not forget which one it is.  The peony is the first one to be in the pond border, I have some in the conservatory border, the coal bunker border and the tree lupin border so it felt right to put it in a place where it would stand out in its own right.

As said previously I like the packing and the website, both are well thought through.  This website promotes using British nurseries and that it very important to me, so I find it easy to support them.  I shall keep posting updates on how these and the other Plantify plants are growing.