Acorn Bank - an unexpected sidetrack

One of the great things about being a member of the National Trust is that a signpost can catch your eye and you can decide to detour and visit at no additional cost to your day (unless tea and cake are involved).  I have to admit I invariably allow myself to be led astray by such signs on the promise of tea and cake.

I was driving back from Long Meg and her Daughters and heading towards the cottage I was staying at when I saw a sign for Acorn Bank.  "I've heard of that" I thought and pulled off the road to park and have a quick google.  I set my sat nav to follow the signs and off I went.
When I arrived at Acorn Bank it looked like the forecast rain would be joining me very shortly, but I set off regardless.  The person on the gate informed me that it was a not a 'refreshments' day with that air of fear in their voice that made me think they had disappointed a few visitors on this day.  There would be no tea and cake but I would cope until I got back to the cottage.  I clutched the leaflet I had been handed to show me the various paths around and to the house/gardens.  I set off through the woodland walk which quickly became clear was a very good idea.
I soon reached the watermill, that still mills flour that they sell.  
I liked this structure/seating area,
and I admired the wonderful plants as I wandered through.
I think these might be petasites, I love the lushness of them.
On I went, enjoying this ramble through the greenery.
and then I arrived at the house.  I wandered towards the garden.
American Pillar - is that you?
I liked the formal garden that wound around the side of the house, it has an Arts and Crafts feel to it.
and a pair of godolphins by the pond.  I do love a godolphin.
They have an extensive orchard of 175 different types of apple.
There is also an impressive herb garden what also includes some natural dye plants.  Regular readers will know that natural dyes are very high on my list of interests at the moment so I enjoyed looking at what they had growing.
I enjoyed these wildflower strips in the veg garden,
and there was this small wildlife pond in the veg area, what a fantastic idea this is.  I would love to do something similar and it will have to be done. 
and I stood by this euphorbia for a while, I really like it and need to find out what type it is and get some.
I spent the most wonderful time on this unexpected visit, I found it the most fascinating place to explore.  Just as I was thinking I had seen what there was the heavens opened and it was time to head to the car as tomorrow was going to be a bit of a long drive to the garden I was looking forward to the most in visiting.

Plus there was tea and cake waiting for me.

More of which another time.....

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Take care and be kind

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  1. Oh, fun. Yes, that was a very good choice and what a lovely tour. The plants, the landscaping, the woodlands, and the formal gardens are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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