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The second day of my Northern Wanderings was deliberately the most planless day of the time away.  On my way to Lowther Castle I passed a sign for Larch Cottage Nursery.  Now I admit I had not heard of this nursery, but I clocked the name and decided to look it up when I got back to where I was staying.  The next day I had narrowed down my short list and chose a garden to go and visit.  This nursery was just minutes down the road on the way, so it was rude not to call in.

What a treat this nursery turned out to be.  When I saw the large car park I began to suspect I was in for something special.  I hardly know where to start!  Let's start with the gardens in the nursery.  There are well planted borders around and through the nursery.
The immaculately tidy nursery is split into many sections.  There is a fabulous rose selection.
I did not find Rose American Pillar, the rose of the moment; but I did find Rose Spong.  I love the name of this rose but decided not to purchase this one on this day.
There are shrubs, trees, perennials and grasses.  I perused them all.
There is the most fantastic selection of garden salvage/ornaments.
So many wonderful things to see.
Had I had the money and the space in the car, the reclining cherubs (there were four of them) would have come home with me.  I could imagine walking past them in my garden and patting them on the head every time I went by.
Likewise this fabulous alter thingy (technical term).  I really liked this.  I didn't bother hunting for the price label as I live in a world of 'if you have to ask the price you can't afford it'.  
and Hercules (or is it Atlas?) would definitely have been on my 'must buy' list.
I loved how the planting worked so well in their surroundings.
and that I kept getting led from one area to another.
They have a restaurent on site as well, but I was there too early and had other places to be.  I felt totally sidetracked and was very happy to be so.
Did I make a purchase I hear you gently whisper?  Of course I did, how could I not!! I bought this Melianthus major, to replace the one I lost last winter. 

I was so glad I followed the sign, it was a great start to the day and I happily continued on my way to the main garden I wanted to visit on that day.

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