Plant Trial - Dutch Grown Bulbs part 2 - how they fared

Way back when in December 2020 I shared with you my review of the delivery of lots of exciting bulbs I had been sent to trial by Dutch Grown.  I did not pay for the bulbs but my words and opinions are as ever my own.  I am under no obligation to write this update.

The reason for writing the update now is that it is a good time for your bulb buying and usually it is around this time I start planning my autumn plantings.  Narcissus Martha Stewart (above) performed brilliantly.  What a great daff she turned out to be.  I am generally not a fan of the pinker end of the daffodil flowere scale, but this one I liked and she flowered for weeks.
Tulip Mystic also was so pretty and flowered well.
Tulip Merlot blew my socks off!  A big, deep red, long lasting flower.  This is a stunning tulip.
an the Hyacinth 'Blue Eyes' I naturalised into the Wild Garden and it was a great success.  The flowers and scent were very good.  I am one of those people who cannot bear the scent of hyacinths in the house, but outside I love it.

The company now have a UK website and you will notice that only one of these bulbs is currently available to buy in this country.  Every year stock will change so that is nothing concerning and the key message from this review is that all of the bulbs I received were of very high quality, they were healthy and they grew well.  I do not hesitate to recommend their products.

The first part of this review can be found here.

Stay safe and be kind.

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