Plant Trial - Dutch Grown Bulbs

I was recently approached by  Pete and Ben from Dutch Grown  offering to send me some bulbs so that I could try them for myself.  I have not paid for these bulbs and I am under no obligation to write about them or write nice things about them.  My words and opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks later and a box of bulbs arrived.  It was a mystery selection which is always rather fun.  It also tests me to think of the best places to plant things.  To say I was excited by the prospect is an understatement.
The addition of a handwritten note was a lovely touch.  I am a total sucker for a hand written note.
I opened the box and it was full of bags of bulbs, lots of bulbs.  I googled what some of them would look like and looked forward to getting them planted.  I took my time planting them out, starting with the Daffodil Martha Stewart that looks like it will be a very interesting daffodil.  I have planted it in several different parts of the garden as apparently its colour can differ depending on whether it is in shade or sun.  Time will tell!

The hyacinths have mainly gone into the Wild Garden with a few in other places.  There were not 100 in the bag just in case you get really excited, but there were a lot.  
Next to plant out where the Tulip humilis 'oculata'.  Some of these have gone into the front lawn and some into the Dancing Lawn.  I always like it when you see a tip of growth from a bulb as then you know it is raring to get growing.
I did the usual trick of how to plant naturally by throwing a handful onto the ground and then moving them slightly to plant them into the ground.  I am told this is not the point and that you should plant them where they fall, but what if they are not in the right places??
Last into the ground were the tulips: Mystic and Merlot. These have been randomly planted through the garden.  To ensure they were random I popped them into a bag and shook them (gently).  I look forward to seeing the results.  You can see that they are good firm bulbs and starting to show growth.

I shall keep you informed as to progress.  So far the squirrels have not dug too many of them up, this is always a good start.

A big thank you to Pete and Ben for asking me to do this.