The Beloved Ginkgo

I think you all know by now I over-fuss about some plants in my garden.  I would say I am sorry about this, but I am not.  One of the plants that has been a focus of such fuss and a cornerstone of my current and two previous gardens is my beloved ginkgo. 

The very first shoots have started to appear this year and this is such a relief.  I have been watching over him anxiously since having to pot him up last year.   When I wrote about this I said I was waiting to see if the tree would gird its loins and start to pull through.  Well it certainly looks along the right path at the moment!
You may recall that the bark was peeling quite alarmingly when I dug the tree up to hopefully save it.  The binding is still in place and the peeling seems no worse.  I am not expecting it to stick back on, but if it is stabilising that is good enough for now.

I have also top dressed the pot as the compost seems to have worn away/shrunk/been stolen by squirrels.  Squirrels are digging in every pot I have at the moment so it seems reasonable they accept some responsibility.
I have been keeping the pot well watered through this very dry Spring and I am hopeful that the tree will continue to thrive.  I am not even considering planting it back out into the garden this year, maybe I will at some point in the future, but I am enjoying being able to see it out of the kitchen window; just like I used to when it was newly bought all those years ago.

Meanwhile the other ginkgos, (one in the driveway and one in the back garden) are also leafing up.  I will hesitate to mention the two ginkgo seedlings I recently bought to train as bonsai because you might suspect I am a) obsessed with ginkgos and b) obsessing about bonsai.  You may think this, I could not possibly comment......

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  1. Ginkgo are fabulous trees. Hungerford has one planted in a small traffic island outside the church. I’m not sure who planted it, but what a good choice!


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