Tree following March 2021 - nearly.....

Here we are, waiting at the gates of Spring with our faces pressed hard against the bars trying to get the first glimpse of the joys that await.  

The Quince Trees are always ahead of the game for Spring and like to start growth as quickly as they can.  As said previously this can make them more likely to succumb to frost damage, and is a risky tactic it does mean they give a lot of pleasure for a lot of the year.  We are still having frosts at the moment and may do into late April, hopefully each day into March is a day further away from Winter and into Spring.  Some people call Spring on March 1st (meteorological Spring),  I am more of a 'wait until the equinox' sort of person and think we start Spring on 21st (give or take) March. 

The sun is starting to have a hint of warmth and there have now (finally) been some good gardening days when the ground is not too rain sodden or frozen and it is possible to be outdoors until the light starts to dip closer to 5pm.  Longer days are pure joy.
The sight of life returning is always one of the most magical moments in the garden.  Whilst the garden never truly stops, seeing the tips of green starting to appear on the branches is permission to exhale as we can see that Winter really will come to an end.  Winter often feels long and I have certainly felt this Winter has been the longest I can remember.  I am pretty sure that this is not just gardening related....

So now I shall be inspecting the Quince Brothers, looking for the changes as they start to unfurl their leaves and develop the blossom buds.  I will be anxious when it gets colds and gently (not that gently) removing greenfly and pests if I see them in profusion.  I shall build a lot of hope into these trees this growing season and hope that both fruit and the desired outcome of enough for one jar of Quince Jelly will be achieved.  (anything over one jar is a bonus!)
and for those of you with long memories:  the apple and quince crumble is still in the freezer waiting for when the Covid restrictions relax and a family get together with both my children is allowed.  It will be the celebratory crumble - with custard - of course.

More followed trees can be found here: Squirrelbasket

Until then, stay safe and be kind.

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  1. Lovely post! I always think Spring here in Scotland has a mind of its own and starts when it wants to, whatever the date!

  2. I'd agree with you about Spring being closer to the 21st than the 1st. The various bulbs like to get going as early as possible, but so many things in the garden don't budge til April. Still, as you say, the longer days are fantastic!

    The Quinces are looking good anyhow, and starting to show a bit of life :)

  3. Here where I live (North East Lancashire) spring is just we can only dream of at the moment, it is snowing (now as I type) and has been bitterly cold and wet recently, not surprisingly trees are holding off waking up just yet! lovely post - injected a little sunshine into my day :)

  4. Frost damage is always a worry over the next month or so, and fingers crossed that we don't get any. I agree about it having seemed to have been a long winter. xx

  5. Yes, the longer hours of daylight are wonderful!
    I'm pleased to see everything is flourishing.
    Hope you get to enjoy the celebratory crumble soon :)

  6. Hi,
    We are also having spring like weather and longer days of light. I agree, I follow the calendar as to when spring comes...have a great day!


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