Madelaine - is that you?

This is an apology to  Galanthus 'Madelaine'.  I recently publicly shamed you, nay, dissed you, for your non-appearance, I was wrong.

In my recent post The Uncovering I spoke about the joy of snowdrops emerging and said that whilst most of my snowdrops are Galanthus nivalis, that I do have a small number of more fancy snowdrops.  I may have mentioned that Madelaine , a growing memory of my visit to Thenford four years ago, was currently missing in action.  I may have said it a bit more pejoratively than that.  I may have been wrong.

For the next time I was talking to the small area of my garden where the 'special' snowdrops live I saw....


you guessed it......

Sigh.  So I apologise Madelaine, you remain one of my top two snowdrops (I am hugely fond of Wasp too and I find it hard to choose between them).  You will notice in the latter two photographs that I have labelled them quickly so I do not lose her again.

Aha, I then thought, Modern Art, yes, you, also bought from Thenford a year later - where are you?

Hmm, I think you are Modern Art, 
I think the label has moved or you have so I have moved the label to be closer.  Ok, all present and correct, move along here, nothing to see.....

Though I am now worrying that the label-moving fairy has been busy at work in the garden so I will have to find a suitable offering of appeasement.  I wonder what the she would like.....?

Stay safe all and be kind

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