Aspidistra Asahi Restored

It has been a while since I have written about my aspidistras, it has been a while since I have bought any new ones and even just thinking that sends me searching online....  One of my prize purchases way back in 2018 was Aspidistra Asahi, bought at the last plant fair I attended that season.

I loved her, I pampered her,
I pampered her to the point of death I think it is fair to say.  She even featured as an Irritating Plant of the Month such was my concern I was killing her. The whole point of aspidistras is that they do not need nor want pampering.  They were the houseplant of choice back in the day as they do not need a lot of attention and the more you neglect them the happier they will be.
So I did what I often do with plants that need to be restored but also need to be left alone.  I popped it outside into the Courtyard Garden (the shady bit of space between the conservatory and the outside cludgy).  I popped all of my aspidistras outside apart from the large one I bought from the 'rescue me' bench at a local garden centre.  The large one (Granny Aspidistra as she is called) is happily being neglected indoors and remains content.  
The months pass by and new foliage appears on Asahi, beautiful pale foliage.  I worried a bit it was a little too pale as the Courtyard is very shady in the area where I put her.  So I moved her forward a little to get a bit more light.  She is still not in full sunlight though as there is no full sunlight to be had just there.
Time continues to pass and you can see her if you peer close enough waving cheerily behind the tree fern and the Clivia.  
Now we are in winter and she is looking far more healthy.
The range of colour from her foliage is just a total joy.
The way the pale grades down into the darker green is beautiful.
As I spend time enjoying the foliage I know I am in danger of wanting to pamper here again.  I have to resist, I have to put her back into her place and let her be.  This will keep her happy.

If she is happy then I am happy.  Whilst I worried and feel guilty that I did nearly kill her, to see her restored and growing well is a wonderful thing.

Now I wonder which ones I will buy next........

Stay safe all and be kind.

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