The Hanging Basket Journals - the season turns

Regular readers may recall that I have been having a bit of a thing about hanging baskets this year.  Well in reality it started last year (remember last year when things felt so much easier and yet we did not know it at the time?)  Anyhoo, the hanging baskets have been a constant joy throughout this year that has needed every moment of joy that can be wrung out of it.

The hanging basket by the front door has reached the marigold phase.  These marigolds have taken quite a while to start flowering, but I am pleased (and relieved) that they have finally swung into action.

The hanging basket that is currently hanging from the Whitby Arch in the back garden has been wonderful this year.   I planted it up to be hopefully sustainable.  So its first phase was snowdrops and daffodils and some tulips.

The planting made me happy and at the same time as planting the bulbs I sprinkled the top with a meadow mix of seeds.
These seeds grew well and the bulbs went through their moments.
The various clovers, cornflowers and poppies flowered well and then it settled down into its seed producing phase.  Now at this time of year it is still green but starting to look a bit straggly and past its best.
I decided to give it a bit of a hair cut.  Nothing too drastic but just to tidy it a little and....
look - the snowdrops are starting to emerge again.  I am delighted that the basket is moving into its second year.  I shall give it more of a hair cut soon and top up the annual flowers though I am hoping some may have self-seeded from this year.

The hanging basket has lasted through the seasons and my hope that it would be sustainable has worked.  It now feels like an ongoing project that will develop and, well, grow as it were.  I am wondering how many years I can keep it going - time will tell.....

Stay safe all and be kind