End of Month Review - August 2020

 August has flown by, as it often does, it is generally a month where I lose a week or so to work priorities so that we are at the end of it is no great surprise.  There have been sunny days and a lot of rainy days and so the garden is growing at an incredible rate.

In the drive way the Pin Oak, planted six years ago, is now becoming a fine tree.  No, actually it was always a fine tree, but it is starting to really grow well now.  I always think it takes trees a year or so to really settle and start to put out their roots and there is a moment when you look at them and think 'yes, you are happy now, you are growing well.'  I did prune off the lower branches earlier this year which always helps it develop good top growth.
All is well in the succulent corner.  It feels like the nights are already getting cooler so these will have to move indoors at some point.
This pelagonium  on the kitchen windowsill has flowered for months.  Having this spark of colour by the window has been a real joy this summer and in this otherwise dismal year.  Anything that raises a smile is to be treasured.
The pot collection is looking good, you can see the Agapanthus Queen Mother flowering away well.  I have waited about three years for it to flower and it was well worth the wait.
The Long Shoot looks rather green, you can just see the glimpse of pink emerging on the sedums.  You can also see the amount of Crocosmia Lucifer that has now formed large clumps in the garden.  I love this plant and would not be without it but....
... you can have too much of a good thing.  I have removed this clump from the Exotic Border.  When I say removed what I mean is I have dug out as much as I can but I am under no illusion that it will continue to pop up no matter much I take out.  Yes I did plant something else there, yes that will be the subject of another post (obvs).
This is one of my favourite parts of the Pond Border,  the lime green euphorbia, pink persicaria and althaea cannabina all mingle together well.  
The Accidental Shrubbery has enjoyed the recent rain, especially Hydrangea Annabelle that got a bit crispy in the scorching hot temperatures has started to recover well.  There are now a few hydrangeas in this area, they seem to like it.
In the Wild Garden the cyclamen are spreading slowly and forming nice clumps.  This makes me very happy.
There are fewer teasels this year, but there are enough dotted around and I know the finches will be enjoying the seeds soon enough.
It is quickly becoming the time when the long grass needs cutting back.  I cut it back late August, early September and then the lawn will be mowed up until Christmas as a complete lawn. 
The Prairie Borders are looking good.  The echinops are flowering well and are covered in bees.  They have to be one of the best flowers for bees in my garden.  They fight over the flowers.
This small Cercis canadensis 'Lavender Twist' was planted in 2013 and was snapped off at the base by an invading dog.  It soon started to grow again and is now a good little tree.  You can see Esme lurking in the background, she was just about to run at Trevor and make him jump.
Talking of good trees, just look how shiny these crab apples are on Malus Rudolph.
The Olive Tree I won in a give-away some years ago is growing well.  I top dress the pot most years and prune the tree to try and keep it from getting too congested.  This year it has a lot of olives that have formed larger than usual.  They will not ripen as the daylight and heat is not enough here, but it is nice to see them.
The Courtyard is rather full at the moment.  It has been hosting some of the Conservatory plants whilst I sorted out the floor.  They have seemed so happy outside I have left them for a while, but they will need to come back indoors soon.
I always like this view from this area.  
We have had so much rain recently that it is no surprise that is full.  I have been keeping it clearer of plants this year and it has been a great improvement.  I do need to remove more of the Carex pendula too.  It is a beast of a plant and I have let it get out of control.  I have removed all of it now apart from where it edges the pond.  This will also be at least reduced if not removed completely.  Autumn is such a good time for removal and planning planting.  The soil is still warm and usually damp enough that it can be dug easily.  I feel there is much to do this Autumn.

Thanks as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.

Stay safe all, and be kind.


  1. I am fairly new to your blog but I absolutely love that you post updates on your plants! I was very tickled to see that you have an olive tree. I can remember my grandparents having a large olive tree in their front yard before they had to move.


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