An online celebration: Gardeners World Live

In this year of cancellations, this week I am not at Gardeners World Live, which is a shame as I have in the past couple of years rekindled my love for this show.
The good news is that we are not being left adrift with no show at all, they are going  to be running an online virtual celebration of the show through their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  I am looking forward to this.  There will be interviews with Monty Don and Toby Buckland.  Adam Frost will be giving an demonstration with David Hurrion (virtually, safely distanced) to share practical easy projects to make your garden more climate proof.  There will also be video tips from specialist nurseries and more.  Very importantly there is a list on the website of the exhibitors who would have been at the show so that you can buy from them.  A lot of nurseries and exhibitors rely on large events such as this to make large numbers of sales and this year they have lost this opportunity.  So please check them out.  I know I will be (any excuse.....)

In my own garden I shall spend the time admiring my Forest Pansy Tree - Cercis canadensis.  I bought this tree fourteen years ago from Gardeners World Live.  It is such a pretty tree but I have written previously about what a test of patience it has proved to be.  It has lived in a pot, then been planted out and then put back in a pot.  It seems fairly happy at the moment though admittedly it did not flower this year.....
I shall also be enjoying my Garvinea Sweet Sunset Gerbera which I was given last year on the run up to the show where it was going to be launched.
I overwintered it in the unheated greenhouse and it is still growing and flowering really well.

In this year of cancellations I refuse to be downhearted.  I look at my living memories and look forward to next year. 

Until then, stay safe.


  1. Gerberas inevitably make one grin. They are very cheerful plants.

    1. I completely agree, I think they are wonderful


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