Gardeners World Live 2019 - a pause in the rain

You know when you think you have not been somewhere for a year or two, and then when you check you find out it is six years; well it turns out I have not been to Gardeners World Live for six years.  I cannot even give you a good reason for this.  It is a busy time of year where I work and fitting in every flower show is quite frankly a bit of a challenge.  Every year I have the 'are you going?' conversation and I say something along the lines of, 'not this year but I will do next year' and next year never seems to stick.  This year I decided I must go, it was time to reignite my love affair with this show which is less than an hour from home.
I arrived mid-afternoon as I was calling in on my way home from work.  This in itself was a first for me as I am a 'waiting for the gates to open' kind of person.  My top tip is go mid afternoon, no queues to get to park and you can get close to the halls as all the 'waiting for the gates to open' people have left by this point.  It was still busy at the show nonetheless.  It was impossible to get a photograph of this garden 'Revelation - the MS Society Garden' designed by Mike Baldwin and Derby College without including at least half a person.  It was a great garden, I bee-lined for it the moment I arrived.  The horses are of course a draw, but it is also a well designed garden for a very important cause.
I went to the gardens first because there was a pause in the seemingly constant rain we have had all week.  This is the 'Canal and River Trust Garden' designed by Chris Myers.  It is a fine garden, well put together, colourful and thoughtful.
There are few things more pleasing than rows of beautifully grown vegetables.  I was recently having a conversation with a friend about how dramatic straight lines can be.  Of course if you look in my garden you will see few straight lines, not even in the veg garden, yet I think it has beauty and it is also very practical.  This is 'The Dahlia Garden' designed by Jon Wheatley.  Never say vegetables are not beautiful in their own right.
There were many very good show gardens and of course as usual I am not going to show them all.  I then wandered into the Floral Marquee, where I quickly become distracted by bonsai.  I managed to resist buying another one, only just mind, only just.  My cautious toe in the water purchased at RHS Chatsworth is doing well, but I want to know I can keep it alive more than a week or so before I go any further.
I love a good Floral Marquee and this is a good one.
So many fantastic stalls to wander around.  I always say Gardeners World Live is one of the best buying shows there is.  So much to look at and buy.  Never go with an empty purse!
In the centre of the marquee were the plant pyramids, coloured high with new plant introductions.
I spent a long time wandering slowly around each side.
This side is the Garvinea Sweet Sunset Gerbera.  I was given one of these back in February at the Garden Press Event and it has been growing really well and has been flowering for a week or so.
This is mine at the moment.  I am very pleased with it and the ladybird seems happy too.
Back outside again (whilst the rain holds off) and there is still lots to see.
This is one of the Beautiful Borders: 'In the Knitted Garden' designed by Susan White.  I liked it alot.
It had nice detail.
Finally it was time to wander around the main show halls indoors.  Carol Klein was mid-demonstration as I wandered past.
I waved hello to some gnomes.
I checked in at the Hansford Rocking Chair stand to say hello to James, who I had spoken to via email but not met before.  I reviewed this chair a couple of weeks ago and it was nice to see that it was doing well for them at the show.
Before going home I had another quick turn around the stands outside.  I nearly bought a couple of bunnies but I managed not to, just...
I thought about flamingos, my daughter in particular would love one of these in her garden I am sure, if not two.
I looked to the sky that showed a shade of blue that I had almost forgotten existed and decided it was time to head home.
The girls were singing 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' as I wandered by, really adding to the atmosphere which despite the chilly for June and rain-threatened day, was bustling and busy and full of happy people clutching their purchases.  I had a really nice few hours wandering around.  I did reignite my love of this show.  Next year it will definitely be on my priority list to visit again.


  1. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing all of these photos with us. I felt like I was walking alongside you. :)

  2. A great flavour of the day and I'm glad you've managed to get back there this year, but you haven't told us ... what plants did you buy?!

    1. I managed to resist buying, which is very unlike me, I must be coming down with something:)

  3. Missed you - was up there Thurs and enjoyed the small border gardens

    1. Sorry I missed you too. The border gardens were very good.


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