End of Month Review - May 2020

This May has been one of the driest and warmest on record.  This has been somewhat lovely in many ways but also worrying as the garden is now very dry.  We have had an incredibly wet winter followed by a warm dry spring: our climate is changing.
The front side-lawn has had its first mow now that most of the bulbs have had time to gather strength for next year.  It was a mohican haircut as the eranthis foliage still has not died back sufficiently.  I love my wave of winter aconites very much so do all I can to encourage it to remain.  

The Knot Garden is looking ok, though you might be able to see a yellowing of the tips of the Box hedging.  I am telling myself that this is frost damage from the late frost.  I am hoping I am not kidding myself.
By the backdoor there has been a sudden outbreak of pots.  I cannot completely say this is because of the lockdown, but I think that it is.  I have commented recently to work colleagues that despite living here for nearly thirteen years, it feels this year like I really live in this house.  I have never spent so much time here.  Also not having my long daily commute means that I have more time in my day then I would usually have and this too is making a difference.   The Iford Cherry has been by the door for a year now alongside an ornamental apricot.  Now it is joined by the Salix Kilmarnock I bought earlier this year following my last day out with my daughter.  We stopped off at a garden centre on the way home we saw some of these willows and she said how much she liked them.  They were a bit pricey so i said I would find her a cheaper one - which of course when I did it meant I bought one too.  Other purchases were also made, maybe more of that another day.  It stands by the door and reminds of that day.  There are also a couple of roses, a Sir Clough I potted up a couple of years ago and a Gloire Du Dijon.
To the other side of the door there is this group of pots.  The rose is Portmeirion and the mini pond is doing well.   Doing well is an understatement, it is a constant joy.
This area is also where my container veg garden is.  Nice and handy by the back door.  I decided to show you the challenge it has created for drying my washing, thankfully it is working ok at the moment though I may need to relocate the washing line soon.
Around to the back garden and there are yet more pots and my new water feature I accidentally bought the other day from QVC. 
The garden itself is looking rather baked.  There is a lot of peony wonderfulness going on at the moment.  As ever when I think something looks good I think I need more - more - more.  Having somewhere to put them though stops me from going over the top..... albeit briefly.
This is the view going the other way towards the veg borders.  
The heat and lack of recent rain is taking its toll.
The Prairie Garden is still in its 'in between' stage.  It is recovering from its Spring hair cut but still not at peak loveliness.  I seem to be obsession about hair cuts in this post-  is this a subliminal lockdown thing too I wonder.....
The Wild Garden is looking quite green, but the lawn path shows how dry the garden really is.
At the top of the Wild Garden is my bumble-bee hive.  I will write separately about this, but it is a wonderful thing.  Every morning I go and say good morning to the bees and every night  I go and say good night.  
The Accidental Shrubbery looks quite dry and some shrubs, even though planted last year, are struggling so I am having to water them.  I try very hard not to water established planting but I am not going to lose them if I can help it.
I always like this part of the garden:  veg borders are behind the Rosa Hyde Hall hedge, the Four sisters to the left, Pond Border to the right and the pleached hornbeams making the entrace to the Wild Garden, Exotic Border and Dancing Lawn.  Esme thinks it is a very cool place to wait out the heat of the sun.
Talking of heat, the greenhouse is quite warm inside.  When I have said hello to the bees I open up the the greenhouse every day.  There are some seeds coming on well and the aubergines and chillies are also growing in here.
I end, as always, on the pond.  Dear reader I have cleared the pond of its most recent dominating plants.  I also topped it up for the first time ever.  I have let it get very low in the past but I thought this time I would give it a top up.  I am half worried that it might have a slow leak.  I shall keep an eye on how it does.  I did not refill it in one go, I did it over a period of a week to try and let it adjust to the tap water.  I think it might go a bit green soon though....

My thanks as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.