The Hanging Basket Journals - the Spring Update

In December last year I wrote about the hanging basket I had planted up for Spring.  I explained that I had planted it up with snowdrops and tulips and some annual seeds.
The snowdrops did well in the in the basket though it really needed more planting.  I liked the effect nonetheless.  The joy of hanging baskets at this time of year is that I did not have to think about watering it, we had enough rain to keep it happy with no extra help from me.
The seeds began to germinate well as well and the leaves from the tulips soon started to emerge.
The Narcissus Spoirot have started to flower.  They are small and delicate and to be honest I have to peer a bit to see they are there.  There are there though and that is what matters.
I am also taking a remarkable amount of joy from the hanging snowdrop seed heads.  
We have had a few warm sunny days recently which has meant I have had to start watering the hanging basket regularly.  It has also encouraged the seeds to put one some more growth. 
and the tulips will be open soon.  I am looking forward to this moment very much.  When I planted this basket up I intended it to be a cheerful diversion.  It has become a basket of hope with a new exciting phase always just coming into view.   Importantly this is not a throw-away basket.  The intention is that when it has finally finished it will be kept in the greenhouse and zhuzhed up for next Spring.  I will probably add a few more snowdrops.....

If you want to see the early development of this basket you can read this here.


  1. I too like snowdrop seeds. And they so rarely get noticed.

    1. They have become an unexpected joy of the hanging basket. I am looking forward to when they pop!


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