A winter walk at Waterperry Gardens

It appears that it is six years since I last visited Waterperry Gardens, six years!  I feel more than slightly ashamed as it is a garden worth revisiting.  I had the opportunity the other day to be almost driving past on my way back from a work commitment and I decided I would stop and have lunch there and a wander if the weather permitted.  The weather did not look like it would permit as I set off earlier in the morning as there was snow starting to settle and a cold strong blustery wind.  It would be a few hours before I would be driving past so I hoped for improvement.
I packed my proper walking boots before I set off as wandering a garden in good conditions in my work shoes would be a challenge (heels are not garden-worthy), but in the soggy muddy world most gardens are currently experiencing I knew it was an impossible thought.  By the time I was arriving at Waterperry the sun was shining, the wind remained cold, but there was no sign of snow or rain.  I decided the wander was good to go.  I had a nice lunch and then off I went.
There are many joys of a winter walk around a garden.  Firstly there is just the sheer happiness of being outside and being active.  The recent rains have meant that it has been very hard for me to get outside at weekends.  One of the other joys for me is being able to look at the structure of the garden.  I stood for some time in front of this wisteria, just look at it.  It is like woven rope and is staggeringly beautiful.
The woven rose baskets are also a thing of beauty.  This way of training the roses keeps them flowering well and looks amazing in rose season.  I stood and admired the skill of these creations.  
This layered hedge also made me stop in wonder.  I liked the umbrella decoration, I wondered if it was lost or if it was being left to be close by should there be a sudden shower.  I suspect in a way it was both.
There was more tangly lacy woven wisteria in the formal garden.  
Just look at the wonderfully mossy trunks.  So beautiful.
As I walked around the garden, the soundtrack was of birds and leaves in the breeze and the tinkling of metal plant labels.  I am not a disliker of windchimes but I did think this was a better sound than any windchime could ever achieve.
I stood for a while admiring the Yew Henge, when I had visited six years ago these were work in progress.  Now they look magnificent.  It is always good when you see a plan achieved.
There is much to see in the garden and of course I am not going to show you all of it, I need to leave you bits to discover for yourself.
As you would expect from a garden that was the site of a famous gardening college, the gardening here is at the highest standard.  There is nothing so precise in my garden and I stood in admiration.
As I walked down to the river I found this field of snowdrops.
Whilst many were starting to go over there were still plenty to see and they looked so good in a natural uncontrived setting.
The whole walk had the best calming effect on me.  The stresses of the week felt further away and the day, which had already been good, felt even better. 
As I left I went into the shop and bought some seed potatoes.  It was on my mind I needed to get some and it felt like a good opportunity to pick some up.
I hugely enjoyed my walk, I got back into the car and drove home a happier, more relaxed person.  As ever gardening has restored my balances.