Irritating Plant of the Month November 2019 - peperomia angst

It has been a bit of a 'year of the peperomia' for me this year.  I've indulged myself in buying some different types of this houseplant and falling rather heavily in love with them.  The Peperomia argyreia however, has proved itself to be tricksy and rather a complicated love.
Here is the plant I purchased back in March of this year.  Pretty isn't she?  I love the markings on the leaves in particular.  I was happy with this plant but she led me astray right from the start.  Ok, ok, its not really her fault I purchased some dodgy seeds labelled as Watermelon Peperomia but in reality were actually just watermelon seeds.

and do not underestimate how hilarious and actually rather satisfying growing these seeds has turned out to be.
but this is just evidence of her being tricksy as already I have wandered from the point.

If I love a plant I generally try and propagate from it, to varying degrees of success.  I took a couple of cuttings of the original plant.  Three took well and I was, as they say, a happy bunny.  I did what one should always do in these circumstances and gave one of them to a good friend as we often share our plants of happiness with each other.  All. Was. Good.

Then the other day, the original plant upped and died.  I think it got too wet and it rotted.  My bad.

This left two cuttings, one definitely stronger than the other.  So of course I left the weaker looking one in the cold conservatory and...... yes..... you guessed it, it has flopped.  I have popped a bit of it in a glass in the hope it might root and I will let you know.

This leaves.....
... the survivor!  She looks ok at the moment.  She lives on the kitchen windowsill which seems to make her happy.  I am keeping a very careful eye on how I water her, I do not want a repeat death.
I am still totally in love with her leaves.
and I look at her stems and think they look in good health.

So keep everything crossed as I think this plant of desire is going to be a source of angst for some time to come.


  1. She's a beauty! (I hope you remember to take more cuttings, just in case!!)


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