Irritating Plant of the Month February 2019 - Redemption

Whilst I have returned to the same plant previously in this series of posts, I have not to my knowledge written two in a row about the same plant.  Nonetheless, this month I return to the Tree Peony.
So here it is, looking much as it did this time last month.  So what is irritating about that I hear you mutter not softly enough under your breath?  Clearly the bud dropping off because of frost did not materialise.  Well dear reader, nothing is wrong with this; it is a joy.
It is actually even more of a joy than I could have hoped, for there is more than one bud that is still in place:
there are more than two, in fact there are three.

So what is the problem?  Nothing, nothing at all, but just imagine how upset I will be now if the buds drop off?  I am hoping we are through the worst of the frosts now but even as I write this I know that we had snow this time last year.  So I shall be poised with little fleecy caps at the ready for if/when it turns colder again.  Until then I shall enjoy watching and hoping for tree-peony-happiness.

and can I just take a moment to welcome Cynical Gardener's addition to this meme.  I hope you join in again and maybe encourage more to likewise join us.  Its easy to join in, usually on the 23rd of the month or thereabouts just write a post about that plant that's annoying you.  Weeds are not allowed as they are designed to annoy us, but that plant that should be a thing of wonder but instead is a pain in the proverbial.  Go on, you know you have one.....