Irritating plant of the month - the Tree Peony

This month's irritating plant has annoyed me for a few years.  In a change from how these posts usually go with it turning out to be my fault the plant is failing, I do not believe this is the case in this instance.  I read up about it before planting and considered where it might be happy.  I am fairly confident that it has been treated in the best way for it to thrive.

This month I present to you the tree peony that is in the front garden.
There it is, looking rather wet from recent rain, budding up well for spring.
Look, it has this beautiful fat bud getting ready to flower.  Every year since planting (around five years ago I think), it buds up beautifully.  I look at the bud, I admire the bud and wish the bud good wishes.

So what is annoying about that? It looks great, it looks full of promise and future delight I hear you say.

Let me explain: if all happens as in previous years there will be frosts and snow and the bud will fizzle away and I shall be left disappointed again.  I am gearing myself up for this already.  I wonder if I should make it a little fleecy hat, that might help prevent this?

So having tried to dodge the blame at the start of this now I wonder if it is my fault after all?  I am not blaming the plant, it cannot help the weather.  I am not blaming the weather, that happens......

..... goes to make fleecy peony hat.


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