A letter to the garden - November 2018

Dear garden,

I am keeping my promise to write to you more frequently.  It has got very cold recently hasn't it?  Suddenly the wind feels like it is sweeping down from the Arctic Circle and it has a bitter edge to it.  We have had an early frost or two already and the other day there was a flake (singular) of snow.  Now it feels like Winter might be knocking on the door.

In August when I last wrote to you I said that we needed to move on and I needed to stop apologising to you.  So let's focus on the positive.....
and actually, I am feeling more positive.  I spent the other day catching up on weeding, which is what I have been doing for the past few weekends and I feel like I have them almost under control again.  When I say almost I mean that the sheer volume of them is not screaming at me every time I look at them.  There are still plenty, do not get me wrong, you are not a weed-free zone by any means; but they are now not the dominant plant.
The other moment of sheer joy for me is that pond is (slowly) refilling.  It has rained more since this photograph was taken but as I rarely see the garden in daylight in the week I do not know what impact that has had.  I think the pond is reaching half-full now.  Even though the drought sort of ended in September it has not rained a lot since then.  I am actively worrying for next year if we do not catch up on rain this winter.  Obviously I am not wanting torrential/flood-bringing rain, but we do need quite a bit to top us up to where we should be.  The pond is my guage as to where we are with the rain, it has never been as low as it got this year and it has never been as low for so long.  Dear dear garden, the pond is my joy and my worry.  We need more rain.
I shall sign off now with this picture that made my heart sing.  Whilst you might be looking like you are going to sleep for the winter I know that you never stop completely.  Whilst I was weeding I noticed that the first snowdrop was peaking through the soil.  Galanthus Alison Hilary has broken the surface.  How wonderful is that?  I don't like the cold grey drizzly days, but in order to reach the spring we have to get through the winter.  So bring it on garden, bring it on, the season turns and the next phase cues itself up.  I will write again soon.

love and kisses
Your gardener xx


  1. Dear gardener, thank you for your recent letter.
    Be assured that I, your garden, shall continue to keep on moving along. It's in my DNA. Thank you also for your efforts to keep me weed-free, although when the weeds have their say, they mention that they get an unfair press.
    Even as you sleep, my work continues and we shall bring change and joy to one another. I too am worried about the pond, but let's go with the flow. Pardon the pun. Let's live for today, knowing we can adapt when needed.
    Sincerely, The Garden.


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