Tree Following: the trail of the lonesome quince

In the blue ridge mountains of virginia 
On the trail of the lonesome pine (Harry Carroll 1913). 

Except it's not anywhere near a blue ridge mountain (maybe a small hillock) and its not a pine, it's a quincelet. Just the one remains, sadly, solitary.  As the song says: like the mountains I'm blue. 
and let's face it, its a dead one.  Yes, all my cherished quinclets have dropped off.  They are no more, they could become part of a dead parrot sketch with the word parrot replaced by quince.  I considered placing it in the a fruit cellar, in a chair and pretending it was still alive, but for one thing I do not own a cellar never mind a fruit one and, also, films tell us this is not a good move. 
I am left with the memories of where the quinclets were.

Oh well, there's always next year.

Thanks to Lucy for hosting this meme, more trees can be found here: