A tussle of the roses

Its not a war, its not a battle, but it is a bit of a stand off I think.

It is now three years since I wrote about Rosa Mundi, a stripy rose that I liked despite how I thought I felt about stripy roses.  Several people on seeing that post suggested I tried a rose called Ferdinand Pichard.  I am an obedient soul so I duly bought a Ferdinand to see what I thought.
I was not really seeking to compare the two roses, I just thought I would have two nice stripy ones in the garden.  In year one Ferdinand though was a bit lazy.  He did not produce many flowers and I was, quite frankly, disappointed.  I thought to myself it was his first year in the garden so I should be kind and let him settle in.
Well, we are now in year three and he is not much better.  He does produce roses and they are stripy but I am a bit underwhelmed.
Ferdinand is not a patch on Rosa Mundi, there, I've said it, I've admitted the truth.  Rosa Mundi flowers more, flowers longer and just has a nicer shape bloom.
Of course this is hugely subjective as what I think is a nicer shaped bloom is another person's unpleasant one, but of course this does not matter a jot to me as it is my garden I am concerned with and what I have growing in it.
Does this mean I am going to dig Ferdinand up?  Well not in the near future that is for sure, it is not that dislikable.  I do wish he would pull his socks up though!


  1. Dear Papver
    I though I had commented, but it seems something went a bit astray - apologies if there are duplicate comments!
    I have had the same problem with these two roses - my Ferdinand has grown well this year, but the flowers are small and underwhleming, whereas Rosa Mundi has been brilliant. This could be due to Rosa Mundi being in a better soil and being more established, but I shall give Ferdinand another year or two as he has only been there for two years. I may need to give him more TLC and see whether that helps. So far, it's Rosa Mundi for me too!
    Best wishes

  2. I just love those raspberry ripple colours. Summer would not be the same without Rosa Mundi.

  3. I tried Ferdinand Pichard, he died and I can't say I was sorry, I thought the flowers were rather messy! Like your Rosa Mundi though, maybe I will give her a try.

  4. I think Rosa Mundi is much better known than Ferdinand Pichard. Usually there is a good reason for a rose being much better known than an other - it is simply better. As the consensus seems to imply, it is the case with these two.

  5. And then there is Honerine de Brabant or Variegata de Bologna, both of them absolutely sumptuous stripey roses. Although Variegate de Bologna lke all Bourbons does tend to get blackspot.But it has gorgeous blackberry, swirly stripes.


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