Tree Following July 2024 - Oh

 Oh, oh dear.  Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  The quest for a quince this year is not going well.

This is Quince Minor, whom, when I went to go and check, has no quincelets remaining.  None, not a sausage (or a quince), zilch.  I was in disbelief when I realised this.  Not one has survived and I really cannot understand why.  There has been no late frost and plenty of rain.  Have they drowned!!  Thanksfully late blossoms have now appeared on Quince Minor so I am not totally without hope

In June I said that Quince Major had dropped all his quincelets, but was having some late blossoms in an attempt to maybe fruit. 

and look! There are quincelets - actual quincelets from these late blossoms.  This is suddenly very exciting.

Maybe both trees will redeem themselves?

Time will tell.

More followed trees can be found here under the stewardship of Squirrelbasket

Take care and be kind.

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