End of Month Review June 2024

No, no, I refuse to believe that the end of June has been and gone already.  This year has been ridiculously fast which means, of course, I am now getting rather old.  Years spin faster the older you get as you have seen them before and the fraction that they make of your life gets smaller every year.  Yes dear reader, maths can be cruel.

Wow that was a bit of a plunge into the depths.  So let us talk about June.  Well there has been rain and it has been warm, I mean really warm, when it has not been a bit chilly.  Dear Reader, I show you the front garden because there are now serious plans to redevelop this area.  Treasure these last views of what is and await the arrival of what will be.  I am excited I can tell you.  You will get bored hearing about the front garden project I am sure, but I won't.  Wave hello to Tim whilst you are at it, he and Esme decided they would accompany me as I wandered around the garden.

Here is Tim leading me back into the back garden.  Look how fabulous the Rose Maiden's Blush is doing.  This pale pink rose is really quite large now, a good 6ft tall.  She responds well to heavy pruning at the start of Spring and is clearly enjoying this year's weather.
Esme is waiting in the back garden.  The pelagoniums to the left of the picture are doing well this year and the Rose Mme Alfred Carriere growing over the Whitby Arch is, as ever, doing very well.
In the back garden the heat and rain has encouraged much growth.  The roses are just phenomenal this year.  Pride of place has to be Peach Melba growing up the rusty tree.  You know what you think that something might look good when you plan it and then it actually does - well that.  Peach Melba was Rose of the Year 2023, crikey it was well deserved.
and look at Kiftgate, a beast of a rose, romping away like a rompy thing.  This is not a rose for the faint-hearted or short of space.  I deliberately planted it to make a good barrier along my side boundary; admittedly it has grown more up than along, but it is allowed.  
The Courtyard is looking quite green at the moment, you can see to the left the bonsai trees, of which I now seem to have quite a few, plus several of my begonias that like to summer outside.

The Smell Me and Dye Garden is doing sort of ok, a lot of my annual seeds failed in this garden, I think they probably drowned.  The roses however are doing incredibly well and the scent hits you as you approach this area.  The woad has done well as has the madder, so I am pleased overall.
Looking from this angle along the Long Shoot I think you can see I left a patch of self-heal, daisies and clovers to grow a bit longer than the rest of the lawn.  It looks pretty, I like it.
The view from the other direction looks blousy and pink, this is good.
The tree ferns are doing well this year.  There are some small Musa bajoo in pots in this border as well, which I think have added some good foliage texture.
The Spring Border is a sea of pink geranium dotted with orange welsh poppies.  This is rather a pleasing effect and of course, totally accidental.

The pond is choked up with flag iris.  This will be an autumn removal task once all the baby dragonflies and damselflies and anything else that is currently developing have moved out.  T'will soon be autumn in a blink if this year so far is anything to go by so it's an 'enjoy every day' and 'seize the moment' sort of year as otherwise it looks in danger of running away from me.


Take care and be kind.

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