The Halesia carolina quest

Sometimes it feels like things are just not meant to be.  There are plants I have on my list, some have been on the list for many years and some will always remain on the list for one reason or another.  

Often the reason is I keep forgetting they are on the list as this is a list in my head and not written down anywhere.  Equally often they will stay on the list as they will not grow in my garden, or they might be fiendishly expensive.  The list is complicated and shifts through time and space matching my whims and the colour of my socks.  One such list-dweller is the Halesia carolina: the snowdrop tree.

Now this is a very pretty tree and one that I see every now and again and think: ooh that's lovely I want one of those.  I usually forget before I leave the garden where I am looking at it.  This was almost the case when I saw one at Furzey Gardens when I visited in April.  I paused briefly to admire the tree, paused and thought I really want one of these and walked on.

Then, dear reader, I remembered it.  When I got to my hotel room later that day I looked up what the tree needed and, crucially, how much one might cost.  I saw a couple of likely candidates and thought when I see a good offer I will buy one.

Dear reader I bought one.  It was despatched, I got very excited.

A ping came through on my phone that it has been delivered.  'How odd' thought I, 'I am at home and the door bell didn't ring'.  I look at the photo of where it has been delivered.  I had no idea where this is, its not my house nor my neighbours.  Big sigh.  I get in touch with the delivery company who said they would investigate.  A day later they say they can't help and I have to contact the vendor.  Now this seems very unfair on the vendor as they had correctly addressed the package.  Thankfully they agreed to send me another shrub and it arrived safely.  Though it was an anxious wait watching the parcel be three stops away, two stops away....
So here is my happy shrub and now I have to decide where it will be planted.  "What!" I hear you exclaim "you bought a plant and now have to decide where to put it?"  Yes of course I did, I often do; it might not be what is seen as the right thing to do but it usually works out ok.  Usually....

Take care and be kind.

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  1. I think that all gardeners have list - for sure I do. Mostly the list is what I commit myself to do each day when I get up, which often is the same list for tomorrow since I never seem to get everything done that I thought I would as I begin a new day. The story of gardening for sure!

  2. Your thoughts and words are very familiar. I often have a spot in mind, but sometimes I don't...I just know I want a plant and I will find a place for it. I'm glad your Snowdrop Tree finally found its way to you. Please keep us posted on where you place it and how it's doing as time goes by. :)


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