Letter to the Garden - June 2024

Dear Garden

Well here we are in June and the year is half way through.  It has been quite a year already and frankly it looks like the rocky ride is not over yet.  There is, as they say, a lot of stuff going on and whilst I hope that the roller coaster has been over the highest peaks I know I have one huge one coming my way soon.  It will be ok, just got to keep going.... (and repeat).


So my dear garden how is it going for you?  This has been a very wet winter and spring and now we are entering summer it is still quite rainy and not as warm as I might expect summer to be.  Hold your horses, I hear you mutter, "summer has hardly got its sandals on yet!"  "No", I reply, "but there is still time."  I look out of the window and after a day of huge downpours of rain today I can see the sun.  There is hope.

So my dear garden let us stop the sighing as that is not helping anything.  Let us 'look for the glad' as a friend of mine said the other day.  

The rain is helping most things in the garden to grow.  I say most as the succulents I usually let summer outside are still indoors at the moment as I worry they will get overwet and we have had some relatively chilly nights.  The glad that this gives me is that I have my lovely succulents in the house and I like this.

The roses are loving the rain, they are growing like a fast growing thing.  I have to say I look at you my garden and think you are increasingly a rose garden and this makes me happy.  Just planted a new one yesterday.....

The garden feels blousy at the moment and this makes me very glad.

So my dear garden, despite all the sh*t that this year has decided to throw in my direction, I know I will be ok and I know I will get through it.  Here is to the rest of the year, we will get through this together.

Best wishes

Your loving gardener xx

Take care and be kind.

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  1. I hope things turn around for you soon, and the rest of the season and the rest of the year will be wonderful for you. Like you, we have had a wet late spring/early summer, but now the temps are very hot for us in mid-June (29-33C). Here's hoping it will be more pleasant for both of us in the weeks ahead.


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