Oh hello - who are you?

There I was, wandering around the around the other week, when I noticed a peony bud on a plant I did not remember planting.  This is not that unusual, I plant a lot and even though I will make a note in my garden journal, my day to day brain does not always retain the information so I can get surprises.
When I looked at her closely the bud looked rather yellow.  Yellow peony I thought, I have no memory of planting you at all.  I wonder if it is Molly the Witch who is more formally known as Paeonia mlolosewitchii.  This gave me something to hunt through my memory with.  Did I remember buying Molly - no, I am pretty sure I have not bought one.  Then I wondered if I had collected some seed on my travels.  You know when seeds have dropped to the ground, I might have picked a couple up .... maybe.....  I would never take a seed head or anything attached to a plant for that is extremely bad manners - but a seed on the ground feels more harmless.  Maybe this is one of those seeds that take so long to germinate and then when I have planted it out into the garden I have promptly forgotten.  Maybe.
She continues to open, I am now getting pretty sure this is Molly.  How exciting.  I continue to wonder her origin story in my garden.  Could this be a peony seedling that someone else has given me?  This is totally possible too, this could be even more likely.
and then the final big reveal.  I am now certain this is Molly the Witch, an early flowering very hardy peony. 

I admire her daily as the flower is lasting a long time, this too is pleasing.  She is a great addition to my garden and I am so glad I added her despite having no memory of doing so.  

Take care and be kind.

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