The Quest for the Nottingham Forest Rose

Dear readers,  I need your help.  Many years ago my grandfather Jack Levey on the board of Nottingham Forest and was chairman between 1975-1978.  My early family years revolved around Nottingham Forest as unsurprisingly Saturdays were all about the game.  

photo credit not known

In 1971 Gerit De Ruiter bred the Nottingham Forest Rose.   The above photo shows my grandfather 'admiring it' with Matt Gillies who was manager of Nottingham Forest 1969 - 1972 and someone else who I am afraid I do not know.  Ignore the mispelling of my grandfather's name!  I have tracked down some information on the rose on the Help Me Find page but the rose itself appears to be no longer in cultivation.

So here is my plea - if anyone has this rose growing in their garden and would be happy for me to have some cuttings from it please let me know through the contact box on this blog.  It would really make my day if I could grow this rose.  

My fingers are crossed....

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Oh gosh, good luck! That's a special situation, and I hope you'll find someone who has it!


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