A time of division for the snowdrops

I might have mentioned a few times that I am quite fond of snowdrops.  When I moved to this house there was one tiny clump in the front garden but other than that there was ne'er a bulb, not even daffodils.  It has been my mission ever since to spread snowdrops far and wide in the garden and particularly in the Wild Garden.  

I usually buy around 200 snowdrops in the green, usually from a nursery called 'Naturescape' which is not far from where I live and also, quite frankly, the most reliable source of reasonably priced snowdrops I have found.

I might still be a 'not quite snowdrop garden', but this year I felt like I took a big step closer to that boast as this year I have not bought any snowdrops in the green.  I have enough clumps to divide without further purchase.  The majority of the snowdrops in the Wild Garden are Galanthus nivalis and there are also clumps of Galanthus flore pleno.  That both types now need serious dividing really does feel like a turning point for the garden.

Dont't get me wrong, I have not got swathes and swathes, I still have a long way to go; but the clumps in the Wild Garden are really getting quite big and a bit congested in places.  So they need dividing for their own good (I tell them, after saying 'this won't hurt' as I dig them up and rip them asunder.)
I still have many (many) clumps to divide and now is the time to be doing as as they are just finishing flowering and starting to go over.  It really is a pleasant gardening task, when the rain stops long enough to make it doable (sigh).  At least the ground is not too hard.

I can't wait for next year already!

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Very impressive! I only have a few clumps, but they are wonderful. :)


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