Tree Following - February 2024

The Quince Brothers have had a bit of a snooze but now they are thinking about Spring.

The boys like to go early, they are not ones to hang about; which in some ways is great as I get lovely early blossom and foliage yet also can be a worry as we will get further frosts.

At this stage frost is not really an issue, the new growth is only just peaking out and is still well protected.  I stand in front of the trees and remind them of their main purpose.  

"You are quince trees," I tell them; "your name tells you this, you are the Quince Brothers, you are Quince Major and Quince Minor and you have the ability to create fruit."  I am not in the habit of quince-shaming them and they are secure in the knowledge that fruit or not I still regard them as exceptionally worthy trees to have in the garden.  Fruit is not their sole purpose in life but as they usually provide at least one quince a year; I feel that some encouragement is useful.

"quince-up! " I hint to them whilst whispering words of love and support.

The Quest for a Quince 2024 is on - and time will tell how it develops.

A forest of followed trees under the stewardship of Squirrelbasket can be found here.

Take care and be kind.

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  1. I always look forward to your posts, they amuse me a lot. ("Quince up!"). Best of luck with the fruit this year.

  2. As gardeners have to be optimistic I'm sure that this will be their year...


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