Snowdrops 2024 - A Thenford Return

I decided it was time to revisit Thenford, it is six years (six years!!!) since I was last there so a visit was long overdue.

Despite the copious amounts of rain we have had recently and some rain on the drive down to Thenford, the day was largely rain-free with some actual sun breaking through in the afternoon.  I arranged to go with a good friend, which is part of our commitment to meet up more often this year. I was looking looking forward to the day very much.
There was, however, something important to be done before wandering the gardens, yes, something more important than tea and cake that is the fuel of such days.  The snowdrop stalls had to be perused.  These are serious snowdrop sellers, the prices range from the 'oh that's ok' to 'crikey'.  Now of course we all have our own scale of what we are prepared to pay and I am not a collector as such.  I have a few named varieties but I have never spent a lot of money on them.  I had a budget for the day and a snowdrop I particularly wanted to source.  Whilst wandering the stalls we bumped into some gardening pals and there was bag-furtling and showing of purchases.  This has to be one of the best parts of any visit as we share our delights.
Purchases made (more of later) and cake/tea consumed and off into the gardens we went. 
Thenford is a garden of contrasts.  There are wonderfully naturalistic informal areas to enjoy,
This time of year the hamamelis are making a great show, and this one frames the view of the lake nicely.
The snowdrops refuse to do formal and naturalise any structure.
It is a real joy to meander along the paths and just be.
There is then the contrast of what I would call the semi-formal areas such as the mount.  Clearly a controlled-formal structure, yet softened by the trees and more informal setting.  If I had room for a mount I would have one.
If had room for a gothic entrance I would also have one, or even two....  This formal entrance leads to the delightfully informal walks around lakes.  
You cannot get much more formal than the Walled Garden, where everything is precise and defined and neat.
Did I mention precise?
Time was spent admiring the auricula theatre, whichis currently full of snowdrops and narcissus.
This pale (dare I say even a little wan) beauty is Candlepower. I.want.this.narcissus.  I really do want it and I will find it and I will have one.  There - that's a promise.
It is rude to go to Thenford and not say hello to the elephant, I really like this elephant, there is something about him that speaks to me.
It is equally rude not to say hello to Lenin.  I am not sure if he speaks to me - I think he thumps the table and demands vodka.
Yet through all this there are pleasant walks, great vistas and snowdrops.

Did I mention I bought some snowdrops?
This is  Galanthus Trymming (which I am pronouncing Twymmings for no good reason).  I like snowdrops that I can identify easily as being who they are.  I am not one for having to study the minute difference between this one and that.  I love the flare of the petals and the green splodges.
and this is Galanthus Ermine Spikey, which I think is a good name for a band.  I am looking forward to her opening into her full glory.  

Satisfied that I had spent enough, walked enough, eaten enough cake and drank enough tea and put the world to rights enough; we wended our way homewards.  I hope to return to Thenford again later in the year to enjoy more of its glories.

Snowdrops 2024 - Attingham Park

Snowdrops - 2024 Lamport Hall

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Snowdrops and Hellebores--yay! Looks like a great place to visit. :)


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