Tree following January 2024 - ouch

 I said I was going to do it and I have.

There has been a pruning.  There has been prunings.  Quince Major and Quince Minor have been pruned.

Now I am not going to say they have been pruned well, but I have tried my best.
Quince Minor has had more of a tidy up, a bit of a zhuzh.  Some crossing branches have been removed to enable Monty's imaginary pigeons to sail through the trees unhampered. 
Quince Major (spot the Esme just passing through) has had more significant work.  The tall leader stem has been halved, thus reducing the height by, well, a half.  Now this was a risk as it is that leader stem that usually produces the quinces way up high.  I might have scuppered any chance of a quince for years to come

It turns out I have been tree following and documenting my quince quest for ten years this year which seems to be more about persistence rather than results.  I could decide to choose a different tree for a new year but the Quince Brothers would not forgive me if I did.  What chance would I have of reaching my quince dreams if I looked the other way?  Unless of course they are shy and if I looked the other way they might produce!  Choices choices...... I shall continue with the quinces this year and see where we end up.  Will the pruning have helped or hindered.... time will tell.

More followed trees can be found under the stewardship of Squirrelbasket

Take care and be kind.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how they fare this year!

  2. I also started to prune my old Quince tree on 07 January - took huge chunks out to balance the leaning trunk and help it breathe but stopped half way through in mild panic and felt a little light headed afterwards like it shouldn't have been done such dramatic work - with new hand held chainsaw. Almost felt the tree spring back but also felt (if it doesn't sound too bonkers) like I'd done the wrong thing. Is there anything in almanacs about pruning quinces - have been felling properly weird ever since and though I know it needs further tidying and loathed to!

  3. Well done, and good for you. Let's hope that you get to see plenty of quinces on both trees this year. xx


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