My little Tannenbaum is celebrating its third Christmas

It is now three years since I was gifted a mini Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild.  I am under no obligation to write this post but I am so fond of this tree that it has now become a part of my Christmas routine.

It is growing into such a wonderful little tree.  You may recall I do not have a real tree at Christmas, I have an artificial one that must be sixteen years old now and still going strong.  In 2020 I had a whim for a mini christmas tree that I could put on the windowsill.  At the same time, coincidentally, I was offered one to trial and so it was clearly something that was meant to be.
It was a pretty little tree when it arrived and it spent its first christmas on the windowsill happily enough.  I potted it on and popped it into the Courtyard Garden as soon as the main frosts were over.  I was worried that moving from a heated house to the cold outdoors might be a bit of a shock.

The tree thrived and came back into the house for its second Christmas in 2021.  I was a bit worried though as I did feel it was a bit mean to bring it into the heated house and that it might struggle.

It did not struggle it was fine.  I kept it watered and once Christmas was over out it went again to live its free life constrained in its pot.
Year 2 and I had potted it on again.  I could not bring it into the house again though, I wanted it to be happy outdoors so it was moved onto the frontdoor step to live its best life.  Once Christmas was over, back it went into the Courtyard Garden.
Fast forward to this year.  I have bought it some lights, it has been snowed on and blown over several times and is currently enjoying being in the Courtyard Garden as a lit feature.  In the Spring it needs potting on again and I am sure it will grow even taller.  This has been a wonderful investment in time.  That I have kept it alive feels a real success and maybe one day I will bring it back in the house for Christmas, just to give it a nice change.

If you celebrate Christmas have a good one and enjoy the festive break. 

Take care and be kind.

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  1. It’s lovely. Such a cute little tree! K G.


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