Spending Hallowe'en in the Overlook Hotel

Well ok, as you would expect it was not The Shining's Overlook Hotel, in fact it was totally the opposite.  It was warm, welcoming and really nice, but....

Once the thought was in my head it was just not leaving.  I had a quick look to remind myself of what the Overlook Hotel looked like in The Shining and it does not even look like the one in the film (though it does look more like the once used in the series.....).  Either way, what set me off with this chain of thought was that I rounded the bend of the driveway I saw the hotel set on a terrace with the golf course leading up to it and I thought 'that's overlooking.....' and there I was running down this rabbit-hole and was hard to stop.

Walking along quite long corridors did not help either.  I could just picture a small boy trundling along in his trike.....  At least there was not a maze or any topiary animals. but these spirals!  Oh!!

This story began several months ago when driving back from Portmeirion.  The sat nav took us on a weird and wonderful cross-country journey and we drove past the gates to this conference centre and I saw the words 'sculpture park'.  Now I love a good sculpture park so made a note of the name with the thought that next time I was up this way I would know where it was and visit.  Then a work conference came up at this venue and it was clearly fate that I would have to go.

There was a storm brewing on the day I was there but the weather so far was surprisingly sunny so I decided that during the lunch break I would go for a wander.  This caused me a little angst as I am not certain that wandering around golf-courses willy-nilly is a good idea.  However there was no sign of anyone playing golf, probably due to the total saturation of the ground after days of rain and,  I told myself, if I stuck to the paths I would most likely be ok.  

Firstly there were the sculptures to enjoy and as said, I enjoy a good sculpture park and whilst this was not the largest I have visited, it has some really good pieces.  I love this one that I call Dobbin.  If I owned it it would be called Dobbin; this is why they are priced out of my leagure.
I loved the peace of this piece.  I would want to sit next to her and drink tea.  I would tell her of my day and she would listen without judgement.  
This one of two otters I would want to place on the edge of the pond, preferably just dipping into the water. 
and this Liver Bird I would want to keep the small Liver Bird company that I bought from Southport Flower Show last year.
There were QR codes by each piece so you could see how much they cost so you can buy them.  I looked up the price of this ginkgo leaf which I think is incredibly beautiful.  Quality does not come cheap so I smiled at the amount and wished whoever could buy it well: ah for a lottery win.....
Oh to watch the sun rise/rise through this piece.

After enjoying the sculptures I then set off along the path.  I am no lover of golf, I admit to not really understandning it; but a golf course has different heights of grass, it has trees, it has water.  It will also not be built on in a hurry.  In this respect I am quite a fan of golf courses when the wildlife can have their time enjoying it as their own.
I could not explore the whole course as I did not have time, but I did a nice couple of miles that set me up well for the rest of the day.

Happy that my thoughts of The Shining were behind me I enjoyed the rest of my stay and thought it very apt that I was there for Hallowe'en, the right time to be having these spooky thoughts. 

Take care and be kind.

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