End of Month Review November 2023

and suddenly, after a wet fairly mild November, the month endeth with frost and cold.  Winter is coming screaming in with the first frost and the first sleet, Winter is coming.

The fallen Magnolia leaves in the front garden are frosted,
and the last few roses hang their heads in the cold.
The Smell me and Dye Garden is looking crisp,
but this is the pre-mush crisp.  As soon as this thaws the foliage will reduce to a soggy mushy mess.  Lovely.
The dahlias are feeling pale and wan and I have to decide whether to lift them or let them take their chances.  You know already don't you, they will be taking their chance and hoping they get through the winter ok unlifted.
and the rabbit guardian of the garden snuggles into its teasel bed and says 'let me know when its warm enough to emerge'.  
This is a time of year where sunshine peels slowly down the garden.
It makes a halo that surrounds the Long Shoot, with golden edges and a cold cold heart.
The light is very special this time of year, the sun comes in low and does not stay around very long.  It caresses the Edgeworthia, helping it recover from the overnight frost.
The Spindle Tree, Euonymus europa, is hanging on to its leaves,
and the open berry cases are so beautiful.  I am not sure I have ever looked at them once they have opened and let the berries fall.  
I am enjoying this new view in the garden, created when I mowed the large Prairie Border.  This feels such an open space I am enjoying it more than I had expected.  It might not stay this open but for now it is a joy.
and talking of joy look at the light on the copper beech pillars.
I am loving how the light makes one shine and the other recede.  Just fabulous.
and the sky is blue....

and the pond is covered with a light skim of ice.  The first snow of the year is threatened and it does feel like Christmas is coming.


Take care and be kind.

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  1. Such beautiful photos--even with the frost, or maybe especially because of the frost. We are getting snow today, so the holiday spirit is in the air, literally and figuratively. :)


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