Ma conservatory est pleine

well, its pretty full anyway.....

At this time of year my conservatory is full of plants.  Well I say at this time of year, it usually depends on when the first frost happens but this year I went a little early.  I actually brought in most of the tender perennials at the end of September.  We had a couple of chilly nights, about 5 deg, and I decided instead of leaving it too late as I usually do I would just bring them in early.   I stack up the two Morris armchairs to make more room.  I use bin bags to prevent water spilling out of the larger inhabitants, and I squeeze in as much as I can.

Well they are loving it!  We have had some unusally warm days and well as a little frost, but overall they are still growing nicely.

I am not letting them get over watered as this is not a very warm conservatory, it has a radiator in here but is neither use nor ornament really.  It is a cheap small conservatory that was here when I bought the house.  One day, I tell myself, one day I will replace it with something better.

For now though I am enjoying the colour from the pelagoniums and the begonias.

The bananas are playing nicely together and the Sparmannia is growing an inch a day. 

Maybe not an inch a day, but it feels like sometimes.

and the aspidistras are hiding under the table.

So this is my conservatory until the frosts are over late April/early May.  If I work from home (getting more and more rare these days) and I am in an online meeting I inwardly smile as people cannot see the amount of plants there are just to the side of me.  I sometimes move the screen a little to make them laugh.   In the cold dark months these plants, snug and safe from the frosts, bring me joy.

Take care and be kind.

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